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BUILDING FORM (4 Wadman Circle) <br /> ARCHITECTURAL DESCRIPTION <br /> Describe architectural features. Evaluate the chard ter. tics of the building in terms of other buildings within the <br /> community. (.�lj�yVlioj a-jzdeo u}e,II J\ <br /> Located a small residential circle off Patriots Drive, 4 Wadman Circle is an eclectic early 20th century dwelling which <br /> consis of a two-story side gabled, stuccoed mass dominated by an asymmetrical front gable which extends beyond the main <br /> house that is indicative of a Tudor Revival influence. Bisecting the front gable is an exterior brick chimney;the area to the <br /> east of the chimney is stuccoed while the western portion of the gable is covered with a brick veneer. The main entrance is <br /> aligned with the left edge of the front gable and contains a wooden door with 3 x 2-lights over three vertical panels. The <br /> entrance is capped by half of a semi-elliptical fanlight;the other half of the fanlight caps a pair of 4/4 windows to the right of <br /> the brick chimney. Remaining fenestration on the facade is varied and includes triple 6/6 windows, and individual 6/6 sash <br /> with a pair of 6/6 windows punctuating the front shed dormer. A three-level addition extends behind the original house and <br /> incorporates a lower level garage. <br /> HISTORICAL NARRATIVE <br /> L <br /> :scribe the history of the building. Explain its associations with local(or state),),history. Includ u es of the buildingand <br /> ie roles) the owners/occupants played within the community. �2u}�t/J I�te ��e <br /> uM��a� t� <br /> 1 'lccs b McAw r' .j / <br /> Wadman Circle was laid out in 1925 on land which Wesley Wadman acquired from Hallie Blake in 1924 The house was <br /> occupied from about 1930 to about 1950 by Misses Mary and Augusta Patrick. The Lexington Valuation list indicates that <br /> in 1941 the house, valued at$7000,was owned by Augusta Patrick. <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY and/or REFERENCES <br /> Lexington Assessors Records. <br /> Lexington Directories, various dates. <br /> Lexington Valuation Lists, various dates. <br /> Middlesex County Register of Deeds, Plan 29 in Book 366 and Pg. 307 of Book 5380. <br /> I <br /> Recommended for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. If checked, you must attached a completed <br /> National Register Criteria Statement form. <br />