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ARCHITECTURAL SIGNIFICANCE (Describe important architectural features and <br /> evaluate in terms of other buildings within the community.) <br /> Parker Street' s most elaborate house, this building displays tl_e <br /> characteristic features of Queen Anne design: wrap-around porch with turned <br /> posts, brackets, and balustrade; bay windows; stained glass; prominent cables <br /> trirmied with patterned shingles and windows of distinctive design. This rav <br /> be the only house in Lexington to exhibit a porch pediment with carved <br /> - foliate decoration, a feature associated with the style in other towns. The <br /> carpenter/builder of this house was Abra-q C, Washburn, Lexington's most prolific <br /> late-nineteenth century builder. <br /> HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE (Explain the role owners played in local or state <br /> history and how the building relates to the development of the community.) <br /> Although the present owner claims this house was built in 1880, it does <br /> not appear on the 1889 map. it is on the 1898 map and in that year as well as <br /> 1906 the owner is indicated as A.C. Owen, who is not listed in the Lexington <br /> directories for either year. The significance of the monogram, in the porch <br /> pediment is thus not clear, unless the letter is meant to be an "O. " <br /> ._... <br /> R <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY and/or REFERENCESSEEM I <br /> 1889 man <br /> 1898 map <br /> 1906 map <br /> 1899 Directory <br /> 1906 Director- <br /> 10M - 7/82 <br />