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INVENTORY FORM CONTINUATION SHEET Town Property Address <br /> LEXINGTON 6 PARKER STREET <br /> MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL COMMISSION Area(s) Form No. <br /> MASSACHUSETTS ARCHIVES BUILDING <br /> 220 MORRISSEY BOULEVARD 92 <br /> BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 02125 <br /> HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: <br /> G. B.Dennett is shown as the owner of this house on the 1889 map. <br /> On December 21, 1872 the Lexington Minute-man reported that"Mr. Geo. B. Dennett has commenced the cellar for his <br /> new house on land recently purchased of Mr. R.D. Blinn". The next week the newspaper reports that Blinn sold five lots <br /> to four individuals—George Dennett, S.W.Hendley, W. Hendley and a Mr. Chapman(who bought two). Parker Street <br /> was initially known as Linden Street and was to be fifty feet wide. As of January Dennett had begun his cellar and <br /> Chapman had also broken ground for two $6000 houses(Minute-man, Jan. 4, 1873). <br /> A Civil War Veteran,born in 1834, G.B. Dennett was employed as a carpenter, and later as janitor of Town Hall. In <br /> 1905 Mr. and Mrs. Dennett celebrated their 50`h wedding anniversary with a party at the house which is described in <br /> some detail in the Minute-man on Dec. 2, 1905. George Dennett lived here until about 1908 at which time he/they moved <br /> to 38 Forest Street to live with their daughter who was married to William Glenn, also a carpenter. <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY: <br /> Hudson, Charles. History of the Town of Lexington. Cambridge: The Riverside Press Co., 1913, vol. 2, p. 168-9. <br /> Lexington directories,various dates. <br /> Lexington Minute-man, December 21, 1872; January 4, 1873 December 2, 1905. <br /> Middlesex County Register of Deeds, Cambridge,Mass. <br /> 1853 & 1889 Lexington maps. <br /> Supplement prepared by: <br /> Lisa Mausolf <br /> July 2009 <br />