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ARCHITECTURAL SIGNIFICANCE (describe important architectural features and <br /> evaluate in terms of other buildings within community) <br /> end gable; half-hip roof. <br /> Fine example of Queen Anne <br /> Front door recessed in glassed-in porch, left, w/turned columns, dentiled <br /> cornice, railing w/slats. Stairs left rear side to back porch. 3-sided bay <br /> up 4 down on right; modified palladian window 2nd floor. <br /> This house is slightly more vernacular in design than most of its <br /> contemporaries on Meriam Hill, but comparable in size. <br /> HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE (explain the role owners played in local or state history <br /> and how the building relates to the development of the community) <br /> George B. Grant established the Lexington Gear Works in the mid 18805 <br /> in a building constructed for the purpose on Fletcher Street. The factory <br /> specialized in iron and brass gearing from one inch to six feet in diameter <br /> and in high precision gearing. Grant had built up his business in Boston, <br /> and the factory in Lexington was additional manufacturing space. (Note: the <br /> buildings remain in use today as the Jefferson Union Company.) Grant Street <br /> was named for Mr. Grant. <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY and/or REFERENCES <br /> _ Hurd, D. Hamilton, editor. History of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, <br /> Volume I, p. 631. Philadelphia: J.W. Lewis and Company, 1890. <br /> '1889 atlas <br /> 1906 atlas <br /> 1887 Directory <br /> 1894 Directory 20M-2/80 <br />