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INVENTORY FORM CONTINUATION SHEET Community: Form No: <br /> MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL CCWSSION Lexington 373 <br /> Office of the Secretary, Boston <br /> Property Name: 19 Oakland Street <br /> Indicate each item on inventory form which is being continued below. <br /> ARCHITECTURAL SIGNIFICANCE <br /> Charles Collens. The contractor was John May of Magnolia,/ n arKtitect of <br /> the c. 1906 addition, Willard Brown, was careful to repeat the basic design <br /> features of the 1884 house on the exterior except when he added a porch with <br /> half-timbered pediment and exposed rafters. The porch and rafter treatment <br /> were almost a trademark of Brown' s and were included in many of his houses of <br /> the period. <br /> The interiors added by Brown are among the architect's most creative work. <br /> The precipitous site allowed a full basement on the rear side but was encumbered <br /> by an outcropping of bedrock. Brown incorporated the rock into the grotto he <br /> designed for the basement. A bed for ferns borders the rock. (Photographs of <br /> the addition when new are in an album of works by Willard Brown at the Lexington <br /> Historical Society.) Stained glass windows along the south wall are of palm <br /> trees rendered in blues and greens. Upstairs along the rear elevation, a porch <br /> was enclosed and extended across the addition to form an area called on the <br /> plans a "promenade" or a "cloister. The added living room has a free-standing <br /> two-sided fireplace of geometric design covered with tiles. Windows are <br /> geometric leaded and stained glass somewhat similar to the windows Frank Lloyd <br /> Wright was designing for his Prairie Style houses. Photographs show that the <br /> original wallpaper in the living room was an oversize William Morris style print. <br /> The living room must have seemed very modern when it was designed. Upstairs two <br /> bedrooms and a bath were added. <br /> The house at 19A Oakland Street was originally an outbuilding, probably <br /> the carriage house for this estate. Now it is under separate ownership. <br /> Staple to Inventory form at bottom <br />