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INVENTORY FORM CONTINUATION SHEET Community: Form No: <br /> MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL CCNVff SSION Lexington 372 <br /> Office of the Secretary, Boston <br /> Property Name: 17 Oakland Street <br /> Indicate each item on inventory form which is being continued below. <br /> ARCHITECTURAL SIGNIFICANCE <br /> rectangular two-story bay window on the right side with a decorative lion's <br /> head panel (see photograph) . There are staggered butt shingles on the second <br /> level and clapboards with double-beaded edges on the first level. <br /> The interiors have not been changed. Original wallpaper survives in the <br /> vestibule and the original curtain between dining room and living room remains. <br /> The gas fixtures in the dining room still work. Noteworthy interior features <br /> include a fine-cut brick fireplace in the living room; a dining room fireplace <br /> which is finished with a cast metal frieze of a woman's face in the midst of a <br /> field of flowers and a fireback of similar design; an upstairs fireplace with <br /> coal grate with decorative metal panel of a theatrical mask or grotesque; a <br /> panelled stairhall with elaborate staircase and a painted and stained glass <br /> window on the landing of the stairs. The window, a design of leaves in <br /> brilliant green, incozporates the verse: <br /> If I could put my woods in song <br /> And tell what's there enjoyed <br /> All men would to,my garden throng <br /> And leave the cities void. <br /> An upstairs stained-glass window includes the name "Maywood Cottage." <br /> Plans for the building by Francis Allen and Arthur Kenway, architects, <br /> are in the possession of the owner. Allen later designed the Riverside Church <br /> in New York in partnership with Charles Collens. <br /> The contractor, John May, built the Nous at 19 Oak nd Street at the <br /> same time as this one. May lived in Magnoliaiin�neh2n�3 ss and built many summer <br /> houses there. May was contractor for the houses at 14 and 16 Percy Road and at <br /> 6 Stetson Road. He designed the latter house as well. <br /> James S. Merriam, local painter, was awarded the contract for painting <br /> and inside decoration of the house. The date, June 1884, was inscribed on a <br /> rock on the drive shortly after the house was first occupied in April. <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY and/or REFERENCES <br /> Personal communication from Joyce Miller. <br /> Staple to Inventory form at bottom <br />