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INVENTORY FORM CONTINUATION SHEET Town Property Address <br /> LEXINGTON 16 OAKLAND ST. <br /> MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL COMMISSION Area(s) Form No. <br /> MASSACHUSETTS ARCHIVES BUILDING <br /> 220 MORRISSEY BOULEVARD 371 <br /> BOSTON,MASSACHUSETTS 02125 <br /> HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: <br /> This house was one of a handful of dwellings constructed on Meriam Hill in 1887 on lots that were sold by D. W. <br /> Muzzey(see also 14,20, 23 &25 Oakland Street). On July 15, 1887 the Lexington Minute-man reported that"Mr. Ellis, <br /> with his steam drill, is rapidly getting the better of a tough job digging the cellar for the house which Dr. Houghton is to <br /> build on Oakland street. It is quite interesting to see the machine at work. A great deal of blasting is required in the <br /> digging of the cellars on this street,but the owners can be sure they have a solid foundation when once completed". <br /> The 1900 Census records list Edmund K. Houghton's occupation as lumber dealer. (It is not clear why the newspaper <br /> refers to him as"Dr.".) In 1900 the Houghton household consisted of Edmund, his wife Flora, daughter Marjory, son <br /> Randall and sister-in-law Ellen Brown. By 1902 Edmund is no longer listed as living here and appears to have moved out <br /> of town(he is living in Ausable,New York in 1920). <br /> In 1910 Flora Houghton is living here with her son-in-law, architect William R. Greeley who had married her daughter <br /> Marjory, son Randall and her sister. Flora Houghton and Ellen Brown were still living here in 1942. <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY: <br /> Lexington Directories,various dates. <br /> Lexington Minute-Man,June 3, 1887; July 15, 1887; July 22, 1887. <br /> Sanborn Insurance Maps, Lexington,various dates. <br /> U.S. Census Records, 1900-1930. <br /> Supplement prepared by: <br /> Lisa Mausolf <br /> June 2009 <br />