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ARCHITECTURAL SIGNIFICANCE (describe important architectural features and <br /> evaluate in terms of other buildings within community) <br /> Basic rectangle w/irregularities. . Cross gable. <br /> Front left corner cut out, long console bracket under eave. Many window <br /> types including stained glass . Front door w/classical surround (columns, entablature) <br /> & stained glass side light. 3/4 width front porch. Carved fan ornament over <br /> end-gable windows. <br /> (See Continuation Sheet) <br /> HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE (explain the role owners played in local or state history <br /> and how the building relates to the development of the community) <br /> It is interesting to speculate as to what made George Emery and his <br /> neighbor at 2 Oakland Street, Matthew Merriam, move from more substantial <br /> houses elsewhere on Meriam Hill. Emery had built a fine house on the corner <br /> of Meriam Street and Stetson Street 10 years earlier. Were they friends? <br /> Their yards were graded together. Emery, an accountant in Boston who first <br /> moved to Lexington in 1871, was one of the first to inhabit Meriam Hill when <br /> lots were being sold off primarily to wealthy commuters. <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY and/or REFERENCES <br /> Lexington Minute Man, December 1, 1893, June 15, 1894, October 19, 1894 <br /> 1889 atlas <br /> 1906 atlas <br /> 1887 Directory <br /> 1894 Directory <br /> 20M-2/80 <br />