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INVENTORY FORM B CONTINUATION SHEET LEXINGTON 16 MIDDLE STREET <br /> MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL COMMISSION Area(s) Form No. <br /> 220 MORRISSEY BOULEVARD,BOSTON,MASSACHUSETTS 02125 <br /> 0 2255 <br /> commercial centers were established to service the expanding population at various cross roads, including the intersection of <br /> Spring Street and Marrett Road. Many of these crossroads included grocery stores and gas stations. Unfortunately, only one of <br /> these new nodes—at Marrett Road and Waltham Street—merited documentation on the early 201h century Sanborn maps, <br /> probably because of the large area of associated housing development that was adjacent to it. <br /> In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this area was part of the extensive summer estate of William Harris Cary(1798-1861), <br /> his wife Maria Hastings Cary (1801-1881), and their unofficially adopted daughter, Alice Butler Cary(1838-1918). William Cary <br /> (1798-1861)was born in Boston and made a fortune importing fancy goods in New York City; his wife was born in Lexington. <br /> The Cary family, including William's brother Isaac Harris Cary and his daughters, was a prominent benefactor to the town of <br /> Lexington, giving the Cary Memorial Library and Cary Memorial Hall, donations to numerous charitable and religious <br /> organizations, and an eponymous educational fund. <br /> Alice Cary inherited a farm of more than 200 acres, with a house and ancillary buildings. After her death, the Cary Estate was <br /> acquired by prolific Lexington developer Neil McIntosh, who divided it into a multitude of small house lots. 16 Middle Street may <br /> have been constructed by 1922, when many houses already stood on the street, but the changed street numbering systems <br /> require further investigation. <br /> The first known occupants of 16 Middle Street, in 1935, were Ashley M. Vessey, a contractor and builder, and his wife Elizabeth <br /> E. Historic records from 1918 through 1940 consistently show the Vesseys as residents of Winthrop; 16 Middle Street may have <br /> been a summer home. Subsequent residents included James H. Clyde, a machinist, and his wife Elizabeth, who occupied the <br /> house from at least 1945 through 1965. In 1965, they were accompanied here by John B. Clyde, a surveyor(and likely their <br /> son), and Jeanetta Campbell, a secretary. <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY and/or REFERENCES <br /> Historic maps and atlases: Walling 1853; Beers 1875; Walker 1889; Stadly 1898; Walker 1906; Sanborn 1908, 1918, 1927, <br /> 1935, 1935/1950. <br /> Lexington Comprehensive Cultural Resources Survey, Period and Area Summaries. <br /> Accessed Jul 23, 2015. <br /> Lexington Directories: 1899, 1908-09, 1922, 1928, 1930, 1934, 1936. <br /> Lexington List of Persons: 1935, 1945, 1955, 1965. <br /> Massachusetts Historical Commission. "MHC Reconnaissance Survey Town Report: Lexington." 1980. <br /> U.S. Census: 1920, 1930, 1940. <br /> Winthrop directory: 1918. <br /> Worthen, Edwin B. Tracing the Past in Lexington, Massachusetts. New York: Vantage Press, 1998. <br /> Continuation sheet 2 <br />