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rorm No. 10-300 (Rev. 10-74) <br /> UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE. INTERIOR FOR NPS USE ONLY <br /> NATIONAL PARK SERVICE <br /> NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES RECEIVED <br /> INVENTORY -- NOMINATION FORM BATE ENTE=RE U 'j <br /> SEE INSTRUCTIONS IN HOW TO COMPLETE NATIONAL REGISTER FORMS <br /> TYPE ALL ENTRIES -- COMPLETE APPLICABLE SECTIONS <br /> NAME <br /> HISTORIC The Stone Building <br /> AND/OR COMMON <br /> The East Lexington Branch Library (Cary Memorial Library) <br /> LOCATION <br /> STREET& NUMBER 73S Massachusetts Avenue <br /> _NOT FOR PUBLICATION <br /> CITY.TOWN CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT <br /> Lexington — VICINITY OF . 'ri <br /> STATE CODE COUNTY CODE <br /> Mass ac-busefts 02S Mi ddl Psex 017 _ <br /> CLASSIFI CATION <br /> CATEGORY OWNERSHIP STATUS PRESENT USE <br /> _DISTRICT x–PUBLIC X–OCCUPIED _AGRICULTURE –MUSEUM <br /> x-BUILDING(S) _PRIVATE –UNOCCUPIED –COMMERCIAL –PARK <br /> _STRUCTURE __BOTH –WORK IN PROGRESS X_EDUCATIONAL –PRIVATE RESIDEN( <br /> –SITE PUBLIC ACQUISITION ACCESSIBLE –ENTERTAINMENT _RELIGIOUS <br /> –OBJECT _IN PROCESS X–YES: RESTRICTED _GOVERNMENT --SCIENTIFIC <br /> _BEING CONSIDERED _YES:UNRESTRICTED –INDUSTRIAL _TRANSPORTATION <br /> _NO –MILITARY –OTHER <br /> OWNER OF PROPERTY <br /> NAME <br /> Town of Lexington <br /> STREET&NUMBER <br /> Lexington Town Hall <br /> CITY,TOWN STATE <br /> Lexington VICINITY OF Massachusetts 02173 <br /> LOCATION OF LEGAL DESCRIPTION <br /> COURTHOUSE. <br /> REGISTRY OF DEEDS,ETC. South Middlesex Registry of Deeds <br /> STREET&NUMBER <br /> 208 Cambridge Street <br /> CITY,TOWN STATE <br /> Cambridge Massachusetts 02138 <br /> WM REPRESENTATION IN EXISTING SURVEYS <br /> TITLE Inventory of the Historic Assets of the Commonwealth <br /> Historic American Buildings Survey, (MASS-60S) <br /> DATE <br /> 1967 (Mass,) ; 1941 (HMS) XFEDERAL XSTATE _COUNTY –LOCAL <br /> DEPOSITORY FOR Massachusetts Historical Commission <br /> SURVEY RECORDS Wasb`i1 Rton. .IX., <br /> CITY,TOWN STATE <br /> Boston Massachusetts 02108 <br />