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C C 1 75 <br /> 1-44 <br /> Lqn <br /> WIK <br /> Recreation <br /> t _ Religion <br /> Science/ <br /> _ — invention <br /> Social/ <br /> humanitarian <br /> Transportation <br /> 9. Historical significance (include explanation of themes checked above) <br /> "Brown's Tavern", Kept by Francis Brown, Minute Man wounded afternoon of <br /> April 19th, during British retreat back through Lexington. <br /> Descrip: Windows across top - clustered post, roofed portigo over entrance; <br /> wide corner boards with recessed panel,two chimneys at ridge; small 2 story ell <br /> right rear, with chimney. House angled to street facing SE. ✓ <br /> cwt- i ch,►rnrwq /cYn e,14 �eat ad (W eytiew . 62 Z) <br /> Historical significance (continued) <br /> This was formerly the home of Francis Brown (wounded on April 19, 1775) <br /> and his son, Jaynes Brown. The Brown farm extended along Pleasant Street to <br /> Watertown Street (all of today's Wilson Farm) . <br /> According to the Proceedings of the Lexington Histrical Societv, Volume <br /> II, p. 31, at the time of the battle, Francis Brown was living in one of the <br /> two old houses owned by the Browns, situated well back from 11'assachusetts <br /> Avenue on today's Seasons' Four property. <br /> According to Hudson, Volume II, p. 67, Francis Brown "later built a <br /> house and kept a tavern in the East Village, on a farm which is still owned <br /> b17 his descendants. " If Bryant is correct, then Francis Brown did not build <br /> this house until after 1775. <br /> -ew Re.,I anG+s fro fi S. LawVence Whipple, 1984 <br /> Lam✓ CheS � cv�(Soh o �aw�cS '/ v✓I aS a �zc ✓�i'✓1 <br /> 10. Bibliography Vd/or r eerences (such as local tustories, deeds, assessor's records, <br /> early maps, etc.) <br /> Lex. Hist. Soc. Proceedings - Vol. 2 <br /> . 8, W o✓f2'�,vi, T✓a,� Pa��" xiVt � Meta) M r 6 z <br /> 3/73 <br />