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r f i 77 55 <br /> Mr <br /> �T€ l <br /> � ��j •� � ' '"`- '�" �"' _ Recreation <br /> "tX <br /> F �_ Religion <br /> Science/ <br /> ' invention <br /> Social/ <br /> humanitarian <br /> Transportation <br /> 9. Historical significance (include explanation of themes checked above) <br /> Descrip: Enclosed porch; door with engaged fluted columnnettes w. Corinthian <br /> capitols, leaded glass sidelights. Windows on main block have heavy overhanging <br /> dent-ils; roof line broken by center gable w roumd window.Heavy dentil course at <br /> cornice," roof overhang deep w. strong return Center chimney.' ? ell to right, 1st <br /> story w, rounded and smaller dentils at cornice. 2nd floor slightly set back, <br /> 6 x 6 windows except in 1st. floor of ell. <br /> This was the home of Rufus 1,1. Holbrook for more than 30 years. The <br /> Holbrook family and the Dana family were very good friends, and on Wallinc?'s <br /> 1853 map, the Holbrook house is part of the Dana property. <br /> Rufus Holbrook, at 19, went on the gold rush to California, where he <br /> staved for two years. In 1867, he began the grocery business in the Brick <br /> Store, the successor to William H. Smith (who was Holbrook's brother-in-law) . <br /> Holbrook retired in 1906, to be succeeded by Lucius Austin at the Brick Store. <br /> Holbrook also was in the milk business at one time. Then he beaan the Grocer,, <br /> business, delivery wagons were not in fashion, paper bags were a luxury, and <br /> cereals and canned goods did not exist. <br /> Source: Hudson, Volume II, p. 305; oral history (Marguerite Nichols) ; Lexington <br /> Historical Society. <br /> S. Lawrence L'�hipple, 1984 <br /> ,B LA�I�-hr.� Obaji Q.t, f a,,'kerl- (See, a.Iso 62-7 Mar Ale). <br /> Wo✓ kW, P, (a2. <br /> 10. Bibliography and/or references (such as local histories, deeds, assessor's records, <br /> early maps, etc.) <br /> y 0 Pfvttco��C� <br /> Wa Aw j�fi✓a.c, �-� Pay w► i h� , MAOl 199 , r62_ <br /> 3/?3 <br />