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7. Original owner (if known) <br /> Original use <br /> Subsequent uses (if any) and dates <br /> 8. Themes (check as mans- as applicable) <br /> Aboriginal Conservation Recreation <br /> Agricultural Education Religion <br /> Architectural Exploration/ Science/ <br /> The Arts settlement invention <br /> Commerce Industry Social/ <br /> Communication Military humanitarian <br /> Community development Political Transportation <br /> 9. Historical significance (include explanation of themes checked above) <br /> Greek fret work on pilasters, flat entablature; semi circular Col. Rev. porch <br /> with railing at 2nd floor level, simple columns; addition to left rear w, same <br /> entrance detail over porch; two chimneys at ridge. Minor decorative effect on <br /> gable verge board. <br /> This was the home of Harry L. Alderman, a "veterinary surgeon.," who was <br /> born in Lexinaton in 185,�9., Behind his home was a small trotting track where <br /> [J, <br /> he trained his horses. � AS Icu�r aS IQZZ. <br /> His two sisters, both unmarried, lived in the house at the corner of <br /> Massachusetts Avenue and Bow Street. According to E.B. I-7orthen, this latter <br /> house was the "original structure surely built before the Revolution.. " <br /> Before moving into this house, H.L. Alderman conducted his veterinary <br /> business from the family home at the corner of Bow Street (see Lexingon <br /> Directory1894) . /n IP!7q pp -/� /, �, I <br /> ws'`tea- NvK/�6. 'd Z9 G,• I 0 0 ��1 a IPLawrence <br /> "-- Whipple, <br /> 1"� <br /> �� 1 <br /> �A I?77His a( AA" wi a,� i �Por� 1.�vpee <br /> (�riv► i e� 51�7 /Mass. A/c. )Med <br /> AdI4 �� <br /> 1/va✓h�PiN � �. �O Z <br /> 10. Bibliography and/or references (such as local histories, deeds, assessor's records, <br /> early maps, etc.) <br /> Vic(94411T✓ +► pais" w, ( �✓!qhv►, Mass. 9��'i 6Z. <br /> 3/73 <br />