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7. Original owner (if known) <br /> Original use <br /> Subsequent uses (if any) and dates <br /> 8. Themes (check as many as applicable) <br /> Aboriginal Conservation Recreation <br /> Agricultural Education Religion <br /> Architectural Exploration/ science/ <br /> The Arts settlement invention <br /> Commerce Industry Social/ <br /> Communication Miiitary humanitarian <br /> Community development Political Transportation <br /> 9. Historical significance (include explanation of themes checked above) <br /> plain flat board surround; two pitched roof dormers, 1 shed roof dormer center; two <br /> chimneys set just forward of ridge. Shed roof` en right rear (small) with carport <br /> extension. Dormer in ell roof. __ <br /> (Beveled end.clapboards on main block.) <br /> 10. Bibliography and/or references (such as local histories, deeds, assessor's records, <br /> early maps, etc.) <br /> . �1 '� �F <br /> 3/73 <br />