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INVENTORY FORM CONTINUATION SHEET Community: Form No: <br /> MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL COMKSSION Lexington 595 <br /> Office of the Secretary, Boston <br /> Property Name: 397 Lincoln Street <br /> Indicate each item on inventory form which is being continued below. <br /> ARCHITECTURAL SIGNIFICANCE <br /> (the Georgian-style muntins appear to be a later alteration) . The property <br /> includes two large barns, apparently built in the twentieth century; the larger <br /> is three bays wide, has a lean-to addition the length of the south side, a four <br /> stall stable on the north, and a windowed cupola on the roof; the small barn is <br /> three bays wide, four long, and has a ventilator cupola. There is also an <br /> icehouse that is falling down; it is built with butted rafter construction. <br /> v <br /> _ ®®N <br /> MEN <br /> Staple to Inventory form at bottom <br />