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ARCHITECTURAL SIGNIFICANCE (Describe important architectural features and <br /> evaluate in terms of other buildings within the community.) <br /> This unusual long, low house was originally built as a chicken brooder <br /> house for the Eiller farm. According to the present owner, it is the typical <br /> shape of a -New England chicken brooder house: the long axis runs east and <br /> west so that most of the building faces south for maximum solar warmth. <br /> HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE (Explain the role owners played in local or state <br /> history and how the building relates to the development of the community.) <br /> This building was originally part of the Puller farm, the farm formerly <br /> on the south side of Lincoln Street from Five Forks to the Idylwilde farmland <br /> on the west (see 23 Piddle Street form) . The Miller farm raised eggs and the <br /> former farmhouse is the white bungalow at 334 Lincoln Street. <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY and/or REFERENCES (name of publication, author, date and publisher) <br /> 1ONI - 7/82 <br />