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INVENTORY FORM CONTINUATION SHEET COMMLmity: Form No: <br /> MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL COMMISSION Lexington 598 <br /> Office of the Secretary, Boston <br /> Property Name: 315 Lincoln Street <br /> Indicate each item on inventory form which is being continued bclow. <br /> ARCHITECTURAL SIGNIFICANCE <br /> large door hood supported by elaborate console brackets with a balustraded <br /> balcony on top. <br /> Many original interior finishes remain, too. The first floor has very <br /> high ceilings; cornice moldings are present in the three parlors, with those in <br /> the left front parlor (facing the house) the most intricate. Marble mantels <br /> also remain in the three parlors: the one in the left front parlor is of grey <br /> marble and has side panelling, an elaborate console-shaped design in the center, <br /> and the- arched opening filled by a cast-iron grate with an intricate design; <br /> the mantels in the right front and back parlors are of black-veined marble and <br /> have curved mantles. <br /> The rear ell appears to be Greek Revival in style. The exterior doorway <br /> on the north has sidelights with slim muntins and molded panels beneath, fluted <br /> pilasters topped by frets, and two carved wreaths over the door. The dining <br /> room, which is in this ell, has some Greek Revival elements, notable the fluted <br /> architraves with corner blocks surrounding the doors and windows; the room also <br /> has some Italianate elements, probably added after the ell was joined to the <br /> main house: the cornice molding, projecting plate rail, and chair rail. <br /> Ego 4 <br /> [ .3 <br /> -� <br /> L _ <br /> E — <br /> Staple to Inventory form at bottom <br />