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INVENTORY FORM B CONTINUATION SHEET LEXINGTON 39 LINCOLN STREET <br /> MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL COMMISSION Area(s) Form No. <br /> 220 MORRISSEY BOULEVARD,BOSTON,MASSACHUSETTS 02125 <br /> 1585 <br /> Recommended for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. <br /> If checked,you must attach a completed National Register Criteria Statement form. <br /> ARCHITECTURAL DESCRIPTION: <br /> Describe architectural features. Evaluate the characteristics of this building in terms of other buildings within the community. <br /> This elongated, clapboarded residence consists of four different side-gabled sections constructed at varying times and extending <br /> in an east-west direction facing Lincoln Street, at the northwest corner of Lincoln Terrace. The 1 3/a-story section closest to the <br /> street and set at a slight angle would appear to be the oldest section. It is just two bays wide, capped by a gable roof with close <br /> eaves with the clapboard sheathing extending to the ground. A simple gable hood supported by plain posts resting on a concrete <br /> base shelters the glass-paned door. Adjacent to the entry is a double-hung 6/6 window with shutters. A gable wall dormer is <br /> located above the first floor window. <br /> The sections to the east were all added after 1935. Offset to the northeast of the original house is a slightly taller section which <br /> is three-bays wide with a recessed entry capped by a fan motif and flanked by fluted pilasters and full sidelights. There are two <br /> 6/6 windows to the east, set into molded surrounds and flanked by blinds. Like the previous section,the fagade displays a high <br /> kneewall area above the first floor openings and there are three gabled wall dormers above the first floor facade openings. <br /> Connected to the east end of this section is a modern single-story garage with two overhead doors facing Lincoln Terrace. A <br /> single-story modern addition a single bay and resting on a poured concrete foundation is located at the west end, set back slightly <br /> from the older section. <br /> HISTORICAL NARRATIVE <br /> Discuss the history of the building. Explain its associations with local(or state)history. Include uses of the building, and the role(s)the <br /> owners/occupants played within the community. <br /> The earliest portion of this house appears to date to the late 19th century. There is nothing on this site at the time of the 1853 <br /> map. The earliest known owner was Patrick McCaffrey who is shown as the owner on the 1875 map. Patrick McCaffrey was <br /> born in Ireland and died in Lexington in 1881. His widow Elizabeth continued to live here until her death in 1906. She is shown <br /> as the owner on the 1906 map. The house was later owned and occupied by their son Henry McCaffrey, a house carpenter. <br /> Henry's widow,Mary,was still living here in 1942. <br /> The property was sold by James Carrig in 1955 to Mildred Black who owned it until 1972. Later owners included Robert and/or <br /> Louise Lunder from 1972 to 1984; Donald and/or Sandra Crocker from 1984 to 1998. <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY and/or REFERENCES <br /> 1853, 1875, 1898, 1906 maps <br /> Middlesex County Register of Deeds, Cambridge,Mass. <br /> Town Directories. <br /> U.S. Census,various years. <br /> Continuation sheet 1 <br />