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INVENTORY FORM B CONTINUATION SHEET LEXINGTON 29 LINCOLN STREET <br /> MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL COMMISSION Area(s) Form No. <br /> 220 MORRISSEY BOULEVARD,BOSTON,MASSACHUSETTS 02125 <br /> 1583 <br /> Recommended for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. <br /> If checked,you must attach a completed National Register Criteria Statement form. <br /> ARCHITECTURAL DESCRIPTION: <br /> Describe architectural features. Evaluate the characteristics of this building in terms of other buildings within the community. <br /> Located at the southwest corner of Lincoln Street and Audubon Road, 29 Lincoln Street is a 2 '/2-story Craftsman Four-Square <br /> dwelling sheathed in wood shingles with a slight overhang in the shingles between the first and second stories. The house is set <br /> on a mortared stone foundation and is capped by a high, asphalt-shingled hip roof with a painted brick chimney near the ridge, <br /> projecting eaves and exposed rafter tails. Hip-roofed dormers project from the roof slopes;the front dormer is slightly larger and <br /> contains a pair of 6/1 windows. The other dormers have a single window. A single-story,three bay porch spans the fagade, <br /> supported by paired Doric columns resting on shingled bases with spindle balusters running between the bases. The airspace <br /> below the porch deck is also shingled,punctuated by rectangular gridded vents. The sidehall entrance is marked by a broad <br /> gable decorated by vertical half-timbering;two pairs of columns support the gable. The front door has an upper glass and two <br /> lower horizontal panels and is flanked by partial sidelights. The second floor of the facade has a single 6/1 window over the <br /> entrance and an adjacent pair of 1/1 windows. Elsewhere,the mix of windows include original double-hung 6/1 and 8/1 sash, <br /> later replacement 1/1 units, an arched window on the west elevation and a three-sided bay window projecting from the east wall. <br /> At the rear of the original house block is a two-story addition set on rusticated concrete blocks. <br /> To the north of the house, facing Audubon Road is a single-story,hip-roofed garage sheathed in wood shingles with exposed <br /> rafter tails and 6/6 windows. <br /> HISTORICAL NARRATIVE <br /> Discuss the history of the building. Explain its associations with local(or state)history. Include uses of the building, and the role(s)the <br /> owners/occupants played within the community. <br /> This property stands on part of the land subdivided by Augustus Scott(see 277 Waltham Street,MHC#461)in 1903. The <br /> subdivision extended west of Hastings Park including Hastings Terrace,Audubon Street and a strip on the south side of <br /> Massachusetts Avenue. This property comprised lot 3 and part of lot 2. There does not appear to be a house on this site at the <br /> time of the 1906 map. <br /> The first known owner of the property was Harry W. Patterson who was living here in 1913. Patterson was born in Nova Scotia <br /> and worked as a bookkeeper in Boston and later as a manager of a fruit and produce business. He was living in Lexington by <br /> 1900 and lived on Forest Street in 1910. He and his wife Janet, son and daughter were living here into the 1930s. In 1942 the <br /> house was occupied by Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rivers. The property was sold by Mary Blackbourn to Constance Mascarello in <br /> 1948 and the Mascarellos continued to own the property until 1977. Stanley and Carol Woolf were the owners from 1977 to <br /> 2003. <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY and/or REFERENCES <br /> Middlesex County Register of Deeds, Cambridge,Mass.—Book 128,Page 10 <br /> Town Directories <br /> U.S. Census,various years. <br /> 1906 map. <br /> Continuation sheet 1 <br />