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BUILDING FORM <br /> ARCHITECTURAL DESCRIPTION ❑ see continuation sheet <br /> Describe architectural features. Evaluate the characteristics of this building in terms of other buildings within the community. <br /> 21 Larchmont Ln. is one of a number of three-bay side-gabled Italianate farmhouses in Lexington but is distinguished by having <br /> been built by one of Lexington's most prominent 19th-century builders. The house is rectangular,two stories,three-by-one bays, <br /> and side-gabled with one rear chimney. The house is set on a brick foundation, clad with wood clapboards, and roofed with <br /> asphalt shingles. A two-bay rear addition is on a fieldstone foundation and to it is attached a side-gabled two-car garage. In the <br /> reentrant angle is a small one-story shed-roofed addition with a very tall chimney. The enclosed center entrance has full-length <br /> sidelights; windows are 6/6 double hung sash. <br /> HISTORICAL NARRATIVE ❑ see continuation sheet <br /> Discuss the history of the building. Explain its associations with local(or state) history. Include uses of the building, and the <br /> role(s) the owners/occupants played within the community. <br /> Lexington assessors' records indicate this house was built in 1855 for William Wood, a fact verified by David A. Tuttle's 1904 <br /> list of houses he had built in Lexington. It may seem surprising that Tuttle, one of Lexington's most prominent 19th-century <br /> builders,would construct such a modest house at the same time he was erecting high-style houses such as those at 22 Hancock St. <br /> (MHC#106), 315 Lincoln St. (MHC#598), and 225 Waltham St. (MHC#460). But Tuttle evidently also built more modest <br /> houses; other vernacular examples of his work are at 23 Revere St. (MHC#760) and 410 Marrett Rd. (MHC#642). William <br /> Wood was a farmer and sold the house in 1866. It was acquired in 1873 by Charles Bacon, also a farmer, and he owned it into the <br /> 20th century. <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY and/or REFERENCES ❑see continuation sheet <br /> Lexington Valuation List. 1855-1857. <br /> Middlesex Registry of Deeds. Deeds. Cambridge, MA. 708: 146; 988: 275; 1114: 562; 1211: 645; 1264: 152. <br /> Tuttle, David Ainsworth. List of buildings erected in Lexington. Presented to the Lexington Historical Society, April 4, 1904. <br /> On file at Lexington Historical Society, Lexington, MA. <br /> ❑ Recommended for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. If checked,you must attach a completed National <br /> Register Criteria Statement form. <br />