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7. Original owner (if known) J, A • G 1(�� <br /> Original use <br /> Subsequent uses (if any) and dates <br /> 8. Themes (check as many as applicable) <br /> Aboriginal Conservation Recreation <br /> Agricultural Education Religion <br /> Architectural Exploration/ Science/ <br /> The Arts settlement invention <br /> Commerce Industry Social/ <br /> Communication Military humanitarian <br /> Community development x Political Transportation <br /> 9. Historical significance (include explanation of themes checked above) <br /> on front & N E side. Off center front door, side lights, dentil-triple molding above(flat <br /> & vaulted portico. <br /> NW side has small one-story shed addition, very simple in treatment, probably <br /> added later. ` <br /> Ell to the rear .not mansard, but pitched roof , again simple window treatment. <br /> Wooden diagonal lattice work at foundation. <br /> At cornice below of line, flat molding effect by narrow boards at right angle <br /> to the facade. <br /> Two chimneys in mansard portion of house <br /> (unable to see rear from street) <br /> These five mansard cottages were all del7eloped at the same time. <br /> Historical significance <br /> Built by ,john L. Norris (who also built the former Central Block) , Hancock <br /> Avenue houses began in 1871. Built on speculation; averaged one house per year. <br /> (See Lexington Minute Man; A Calendar History of Lexington, Massachusetts 1620- <br /> 1946 by E.B. Worthen) <br /> S. Lawrence Whipple, 1984 <br /> 10. Bibliography and/or references (such as local histories, deeds, assessor's records, <br /> early maps, etc.) <br /> 3/73 <br />