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ARCHITECTURAL SIGNIFICANCE (describe important architectural features and <br /> evaluate in terms of other buildings within community) <br /> Typical functional factory design, late 19th century. Oldest central part <br /> had gable roof (shingled) , white clapboards; office section (south) had flat <br /> composition roof. Many volumes/sections showing several additions made over <br /> time, primarily to add storage $ shipping facilities. <br /> Fine interior w/belts & shafting, old machinery & accessories. <br /> HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE (explain the role owners played in local or state history <br /> and how the building relates to the development of the community) <br /> Building was first along Fletcher Ave, then cottages were built along it. <br /> Unusual to find a factory so close to the town center. (Today, surrounded <br /> by houses. ) Boiler dated 1891, perhaps building date. G. Meadows, employee, <br /> reports soap factory or gear works here before 1901, when J.U. began. Same <br /> products made now as then. <br /> lore. . <br /> r�U� <br /> (61,,9 r�Aor <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY and/or REFERENCES <br /> Lex. Hist. Comm. file <br /> Sanborn maps, 1908-1918-1927-1935 <br /> • J.U. Co. records <br /> 20M-2/80 <br />