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J <br /> - --_- �- <br /> L4 <br /> acoustic plaster : Hoors, asphalt tile, slate, and carpet over <br /> concrete. Heating is by radiant panels in concrete floor slabs. <br /> The roof is four-ply built-up asphalt and gravel, with copper <br /> edging and copper gutters. Roof insulation is provided by four <br /> i inches of rock-«•ool, and galls by two inches of balsa wool. <br /> The fireplace in the living room is of local stone, with common <br /> brick backing. The furniture was designed by the architect. <br /> Fabrics are of burlap, real fish net and natural cotton. Cost <br /> was $3.50 per square foot. <br /> = - , <br /> 2 <br /> 2, a detail of one of the posts supporting the covered <br /> way, which joins the garage to the rest of the house. <br /> The low Nvall is of local stone. 3, the covered way <br /> leading up to the front door, with a view through the ti <br /> house to the living terrace. <br /> r s�sG <br /> d,, a <br /> a <br /> ,w <br /> y. „u <br />