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u <br /> I <br /> i <br /> 1 <br /> j ti �f <br /> 1 <br /> 1, the house from the north-east. The covered way leads from the garage to the front door, <br /> - --- ------------------------- <br /> HUGH STUBB/NS Jr. : ARCH/TELT <br /> This house. designed by the architect for himself, and com- <br /> pleted in March, 1947, is on a sloping site, thickly wooded with <br /> native oak and pine trees. Accommodation is provided on the <br /> ,,w°°. ground floor for the architect, his wife and their three children. <br /> Large terraces have been levelled for outdoor living, and a <br /> r - ��'•`° children's room, with separate entrance, is for play, hobbies and <br /> r study. On a lower level below the bedroom wing is a workshop, <br /> ® dark-room, boiler room, private office and draughting studio, <br /> which opens on to a separate studio terrace. Foundations are of <br /> twelve-inch cinder blocks ; exterior walls are of two by four <br /> studs, four by four posts, faced externally with wood sheathing <br /> and t. and g. vertical boarding, and internally with plaster on <br /> rock laths, and one by four t. and g. sugar pine; ceilings are <br />