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INVENTORY FORM B CONTINUATION SHEET LEXINGTON 81-83 Bow STREET <br /> MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL COMMISSION Area(s) Form No. <br /> 220 MORRISSEY BOULEVARD,BOSTON,MASSACHUSETTS 02125 <br /> 2194 <br /> Street) until at least 1950, at which time it encompassed a substantial farmhouse and greenhouse and two other large <br /> outbuildings. <br /> The area was likely developed in response to the electric street railway, which began service on Mass. Avenue in 1899. Like <br /> Liberty Heights to the south of Massachusetts Avenue (which it resembles, architecturally; LEX.Q), this neighborhood—known <br /> as Massachusetts Avenue Terrace and Arlington Heights Terrace—was laid out by Jacob W. Wilbur, a prolific Brookline <br /> developer. Wilbur typically sited his subdivisions near streetcar lines and appealed to working class residents. <br /> Bow Street appears to have been laid out between 1918 and 1920, when five households are listed on this road. 81-83 Bow <br /> Street was likely built as a two-family house. The first known occupants are the Santosuosso family, who were here (at both#81 <br /> and #83)from at least 1930 through 1965. In 1930, Benigno Santosuosso (1890-1940), who was working as a coal truck driver <br /> (he was previously a chauffeur and later worked in a lab), lived here with his wife Maria (born in Italy) and their seven young <br /> children. Renting an apartment in the house in that year were Herbert S. Seeley, a house painter, his wife Margaret, and two <br /> boarders, one a packer in a candy factory, the other a coal truck driver. Family members who later lived at this address included <br /> Benigno's wife Maria (through at least 1965), and several younger Santosuossos: Mary, described as a clothing worker and <br /> later as a factory worker(1945 and 1955); Generino, who was in the Navy(1945); Angelo R., a metal worker(1955), and Benny <br /> A., a metal worker, and his wife Mary A. (1965). <br /> Other families who have occupied the house include Edward Dattaoli, a mechanic at Colonial Garage, and his wife Susie in <br /> 1936, and Felix F. Costanza, "general work", and his wife Louise in 1945. <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY and/or REFERENCES <br /> U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: <br /> Operations, Inc., 2015. Original data: Social Security Applications and Claims, 1936-2007. <br /> Historic maps and atlases: Walling 1853; Beers 1875; Walker 1889; Stadly 1898; Walker 1906; Sanborn 1908, 1918, 1927, <br /> 1935, 1935/1950. <br /> Lexington Comprehensive Cultural Resources Survey, Period and Area Summaries. <br /> Accessed Jul 23, 2015. <br /> Lexington Directories: 1899, 1908-09, 1915, 1922, 1924, 1934, 1936 <br /> Lexington List of Persons: 1935, 1945, 1955, 1965. <br /> Massachusetts Historical Commission. "MHC Reconnaissance Survey Town Report: Lexington." 1980. <br /> . Form A– Liberty Heights, LEX.Q. Prepared by Anne Grady and Nancy Seasholes, 1984 and 2001. <br /> U.S. Census: 1930. <br /> Continuation sheet 3 <br />