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INVENTORY FORM B CONTINUATION SHEET LEXINGTON 69 PLEASANT ST. <br />(11-15-17 LINC COLE LANE) <br />MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL COMMISSION Area(s) Form No. <br />220 MORRISSEY BOULEVARD,BOSTON,MASSACHUSETTS 02125 <br />Continuation sheet 4 <br />LEX.2512 <br />Moon Hill, Inc.11 The development took its name from the six Moon cars that were in the barn at the original property in 1947 <br />when TAC (The Architects Collaborative) formed Six Moon Hill.12 <br />After Harry Boinay’s death, the property at 69 Pleasant Street (11-15-17 Linc Cole Lane) was sold by family members Louise <br />Gauthier and Elise Palis to James and Viola Storer in 1960.13 <br />Over the next fifty years the Storers carefully rehabilitated and restored the historic features of the property. In the early 1970s a <br />Harvard student doing a research project stopped in to inform the Storers that the design of the house was attributed to the <br />Boston architectural firm of Hartwell & Richardson. The partnership was established in 1881 by Henry Walker Hartwell (1833- <br />1919) and William Cummings Richardson (1854-1935). The attribution has not been verified. <br />James Storer (1927-2016) was the director of the Sylvania Research Lab. He died in 2016 and Viola Storer (1927-2017) the <br />following year. The property was purchased by Thomas Cataldo in 2022. The land and house have been subdivided into ten <br />lots on a new street named Linc Cole Lane. Lincoln P. Cole (1918-1999) was a Lexington town selectman, moderator and <br />served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. <br />BIBLIOGRAPHY and/or REFERENCES <br />Boston Globe, various dates. <br /> <br />Gauvreau, Paul F. “Ferd. F. French & Co., Limited”, The Carriage Journal, Vol. 40, No. 3, May 2002. <br />Lexington Directories, various dates. <br />Lexington Minute-Man, various dates. <br />Middlesex County Registry of Deeds <br />“69 Pleasant Street”,, May 2022. <br />Storer, Ann (daughter of James and Viola Storer). Historic photographs and information about house, 2023 <br />Sunday Herald, 14 April 1901. <br />50th Anniversary of Moon Hill, 1997 <br />U.S. Census, 1850-1950. [] <br />Maps <br />1875 J.B. Beers & Co. <br />1906 Atlas George H. Walker & Co. <br />11 Middlesex County Registry of Deeds, Book 7133, Page 126. <br />12 See Six Moon Hill Historic District (LEX.R) <br />13 Middlesex County Registry of Deeds, Book 9694, Page 241