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Follow Massachusetts Historical Commission Survey Manual instructions for completing this form. 4/11 <br />FORM B − BUILDING <br /> MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL COMMISSION MASSACHUSETTS ARCHIVES BUILDING 220 MORRISSEY BOULEVARD BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 02125 <br />Photograph <br /> <br /> View from north. Locus Map <br /> <br /> Source: Mass GIS Oliver Parcel Viewer. Recorded by: Walter R. Wheeler, Kathryn Grover & Neil Larson Neil Larson & Associates <br />Organization: Lexington Historical Commission <br />Date: July / 2021 <br /> <br />Assessor’s Number USGS Quad Area(s) Form Number <br />32-69B Lexington W LEX.579 Town/City: Lexington <br />Place: (neighborhood or village): <br /> Lexington Center <br />Address: 50 Kendall Road <br />Historic Name: Joseph & Lucy Smith House <br />Uses: Present: single family residential <br />Original: single family residential <br />Date of Construction: ca. 1765 <br />Source: archival sources, deeds, visual assessment <br />Style/Form: Second Period/ two-story, gable block <br />Architect/Builder: unknown <br />Exterior Material: <br />Foundation: stone <br />Wall/Trim: wood shingle/wood <br />Roof: asphalt shingle <br />Outbuildings/Secondary Structures: Barn-style garage, 1988-1998 <br />Major Alterations (with dates): Center chimney removed, mid-20th c. House moved, 1988 Extensive restoration, 1988-1998 <br />Condition: good <br />Moved: no yes Date: 1988 <br />Acreage: 0.36 <br />Setting: The property is located on a major thoroughfare built out with closely-spaced houses from a broad period of development. <br />