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Charles Hornig, Chair <br />Nancy Corcoran- Ronchetti, Vice Chair <br />Timothy Dunn, Clerk <br />Richard L. CanaIe <br />Ginna Johnson <br />Town of Lexington <br />PLANNING BOARD <br />1625 Massachusetts Avenue <br />Lexington, MA 02420 <br />Tel (781) 862 -0500 Ext. 84560 <br />Facsimile (781) 861 -2748 <br />planning <br />REPORT TO THE 2015 ANNUAL TOWN MEETING <br />ARTICLE 2 <br />The Planning Board has many and varied responsibilities. The Town's Annual Report <br />contains a complete summary of this past year's work. Rather than read the details to you <br />now, I want to talk about a few of our major work items over the last year and some plans <br />for the year to come. <br />Over the last year, the Planning Board and Planning Department made progress on <br />several major initiatives. <br />• We adopted new Subdivision Regulations and began drafting new Zoning <br />Regulations. These include new street standards developed in coordination with <br />the Engineering Division and the Fire Department. <br />• More visibly, we have started the process of proposing substantive changes to the <br />Zoning Bylaw identified during our recodification effort. The first of these will <br />come before you later tonight, but we expect to continue proposing changes for <br />some time to come. <br />• We participated in the ongoing Center Streetscape project, part of which will <br />come to this Town Meeting for funding under Article 1 1(a). This project <br />establishes a framework for streetscape improvements in the Center to revitalize <br />the aging landscape and infrastructure while focusing on safety for all travel <br />modes. <br />• We worked with the interdepartmental Parking Management Group to develop <br />strategies to deal with parking in Lexington Center. Phase 1 of these changes will <br />come before this Town Meeting under Article 11(q). <br />• We worked with the Economic Development Director to enhance Lexington's <br />competitive position in attracting and maintaining businesses. This includes <br />providing new infrastructure on Hartwell Avenue, where a sidewalk has already <br />been installed and additional substantial improvements will come to this Town <br />