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-= _- <br /> OFFICE OF <br /> 1350 N4AIN S'rR1:,I r <br /> 11PRcNw::n,-0It:LD,MASSAC,,U SE"'TTS 01103-1629 <br /> "°HON[As F }IDeat.. Y (4t3)+"3`t-124O <br /> °a avaa a� a a.ame a. www"a o.seale,mat.LIS <br /> September 7, 2004 <br /> Donna M. Hooper, Town Clerk <br /> 1625 Massachusetts Avenue ' <br /> Lexington, MA 02420 <br /> ICE, Lexington Annual Town Meeting of Marelt 29, 2004— Case## 3042 <br /> Warrant Articles #34 and 39 (General) m° t <br /> Warrant Articles #4, 5, 8, 9, 110, 12, and 13 (Zoning) <br /> Dear Ms. Hooper:. <br /> Articles 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 13,34, and 39 - I return with the approval of this Office the <br /> amendments to the town by-laws adopted under these Articles on the warrant for the Lexington <br /> annual town meeting that convened on March 29, 2004, and the maps pertaining to Articles 4, 5, <br /> 10, and 13, <br /> Article 9 - I return with no action by this Office the amendments adopted under this <br /> Article and the neap pertaining to it. <br /> The vote under Article 9 pertains to a Preliminary Site Development and Use flan <br /> approved by town meeting at the 1986 Annual Town Meeting. The vote under Article 9 provides <br /> as follows: <br /> That the existing Prelitnittary Site Developnretit and Use Plan approved at the 1986 <br /> Aninial.Torun Meeting, Article 47, a copy of which is oil file with the Town Clerk <br /> and the Planning Board, be aineiided to permit expansion of the existing facilities <br /> at Brookhaven, located at 1010-1012 Walthain Street,to allow for additiotr living <br /> units, health care facilities and srtpport service space, as showtr oir the Preliminary <br /> Site Developinetit and Use flan dated December 30,2003 oo file with the Planning <br /> Board, pursuant to Article V111, Section 135-42D(3)and other applicable provisions <br /> of the Code of the Towvir of Lexingtoir, Zoning By-law, <br /> The vote under article 9 was a vote to amend an existing Preliminary Site Development. <br /> and Use Plan that was previously approved by a vote of town meeting. Nowhere in the vote does <br /> it say that the town's zoning lay-laws are being amended. We conclude that the vote to approve <br /> the Preliminary Site Development and Use Plan was not a vote by town meeting to amend its <br /> E':11dSFRS"wiiITCHIFiMP6IWOCS1TOWNSU EXINGTN 93042A.APP,%>ppd <br />