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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTEMAN CANE AWARD <br /> <br />Lexington’s historic Boston Post Cane has been missing for decades, but its tradition of <br />honoring senior citizens is being revived by the Lexington Council on Aging and the <br />Minuteman. <br /> <br />While the Post cane was originally presented to the eldest male resident, the new award <br />will each year honor a Lexingtonian, 80 or older who reflects today’s active senior citizen <br />life. <br /> <br />The Post Cane tradition began in 1909 when Selectmen in Lexington, along with officials <br />in 430 other New England communities agreed to present the gold-headed ebony cane <br />donated by Post editor Edwin Grozier. Accounts suggest Grozier chose the award <br />because the walking is an ancient symbol of defense to age and reverence of ancestors. <br /> <br />Although the Boston Post Cane and its traditions still flourish in many communities, the <br />trail of the Lexington cane appears to have vanished in 1931. <br /> <br />The New Award <br /> <br />The new award, the Minuteman Cane was presented May 23, 1988 to Edith Cheever <br />during Older Americans Month to be eligible, nominees must; <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> have lived in Lexington for at least fifteen years <br /> <br /> <br /> must be 80 years old or older <br /> <br /> <br /> display involvement with others in the community <br /> <br /> <br /> serve as an inspiration through their actions <br /> <br /> <br /> must exhibit a creative approach to life through choice of either a second <br />career, hobby or service that benefits others <br /> <br />Nomination letters can be submitted by friends, clergy or nominees themselves by the <br />end of March. Letters should be sent to the Council on Aging, 1475 Massachusetts <br />Avenue, Lexington, MA <br /> <br />Selection will be based on the above criteria by a Town Manager appointed committee. <br /> <br />The Minuteman Cane is a gold headed walking stick that bears a striking resemblance to <br />the Town’s missing Boston Post Cane. Margot Shaw, who found the cane in a closet of <br />her 4 Upland Road home, donated her discovery to the Town for the award. <br /> <br />Although the inscription and design on the gold head differ. Shaw’s walking stick bears <br />the same 1909 date as the Post Cane. <br /> <br /> <br />