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HUMAN SERVICES COMMITTEE <br /> Members: 5 <br /> Appointed by: Select Board <br /> Length of Term: 3 years, staggered terms <br /> Appointments made: September 30 <br /> Meeting Times: Typically every other month, and as deemed necessary <br /> Description: The Human Services Committee is advisory to the Select Board. In that capacity it will <br /> recommend to the Select Board human service goals and priorities that directly address issues and needs <br /> of residents across the lifespan that the Committee identifies in regards to social, emotional, and <br /> financial health. The Committee will advocate for any necessary resources and funding to meet those <br /> identified needs and/or provide prevention and education services to address those needs proactively. <br /> The Committee will seek to recruit public participation and regularly collaborate with other community <br /> groups in addressing community human service issues, as well as monitor trends and identify emerging <br /> needs. The Committee is also committed to making the Lexington community more aware of the <br /> available resources and supports within the Human Services Department. <br /> The Human Services Committee shall report at least annually to the Select Board and Town Meeting via <br /> the Committee's written annual report and its presence at meetings, as necessary. It shall review <br /> periodically its composition, purpose and charge, recommending changes as necessary to the Select <br /> Board. <br /> Criteria for Membership: Desirable qualities/experience includes: <br /> • Interest in Human Services in municipal setting <br /> • human services management,planning, evaluation, and/or provision <br /> • education, prevention, and intervention services as they relate to social issues and mental health <br /> • Knowledge of Lexington community <br /> Interested citizens without such experience will also be considered. <br /> Ref.: Charge adopted by the Board of Selectmen on August 3, 1981. <br /> Revised 1984, changing annual appointment date. <br /> Revised 1985, changing the length of term. <br /> Revised 1998, approving an amended human services policy. <br /> Selectmen designated as Special Municipal Employees on January 18, 2006. <br /> Revised 2020, changing the number of committee members, meeting frequency, references to <br /> Select Board, and updating the charge. <br />