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COMMUNICATIONS ADVISORY COMMITTEE <br />Members: 11 <br />Appointed by: Board of Selectmen <br />Length of Term.: 3 years <br />Appointments made; September 30 <br />Meeting Time: 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. <br />Description To advise the Board of Selectmen on all aspects of wired and wireless communication and <br />data services to and within the Town; to serve as ombudsman for Town users of such services; when <br />stipulated by the Selectmen, to represent the Town in negotiations and during contractual/license <br />relationships with providers of those services; when stipulated by the Selectmen, to monitor and evaluate <br />compliance of any Lexington contracted Public, Education, and Government Access Corporation; to <br />oversee any network which includes municipal and/or school buildings; to help set Town regulations and <br />review applications to the Town for wired and wireless communications and data services; and to advise <br />the Selectmen and other Town officials on managing the Town's growing information- handling needs and <br />any supporting networks. <br />Criteria for Membership Members should have an interest in communications and education. In <br />particular, representatives of key user groups in the town (e.g. schools, libraries, service groups) are <br />encouraged to become involved, <br />Ref ,: Charge adopted by Board of Selectmen, June 16, 1975 <br />Revised October 30, 1993 raising maximum number of members to 12, <br />Revised November 13, 1995 raising maximum number of members to 13 <br />Revised October 24, 2005 adding "to monitor and evaluate compliance, . . <br />Board of Selectmen voted to designate as Special Municipal Employees on 1118106. <br />Selectmen approved changing the membership fiom 13 to 11, <br />r� <br />��w <br />