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The new award is on display at the Lexington Senior Center, accompanied by a plaque <br />with the names of winners. Recipients are presented with a new walking stick engraved <br />with the date and name of the award as well as the recipient’s name. The engraving has <br />been done by S. Lawrence Whipple for the past 19 years. The Theater Pharmacy donates <br />the cane that is presented now on Patriots Day Morning Services. Chris Venier has <br />graciously paid for the cane. <br /> <br />Boston Post Cane History <br /> <br />Although the Boston Post Awards began in 1909 as a gimmick to boost the paper’s <br />circulation, the canes quickly became a source of pride, history and sometimes <br />controversy. <br /> <br />The walking sticks were made of African ebony with a 14 carat rolled gold head. When <br />first awarded the Post predicted they would “present an interesting galaxy of the rigor and <br />longevity of New England manhood.” <br /> <br />In 1930 after much controversy, eligibility was opened to women as well as men. The <br />issue of whether recipients must be natives also triggered disputes in many towns. <br /> <br />When the Post stopped publication more than thirty years ago the source of the tradition <br />along with most of the records disappeared. The last reported reference to Lexington’s <br />cane was a February 16, 1931 from the Post to Lexington selectmen confirming the death <br />of cane holder George Dennett. <br /> <br />The first Lexington recipient of the Boston Post Cane was Charles Brown, who received <br />his cane at the age of 93 years 3 months. Other cane holders included Patrick Ryan, <br />Michael Montague, Dr. Ezra Taft and Dennett. <br /> <br />th <br />Dennett’s granddaughter Bernice Mulvey, a Dana Home resident, celebrated her 100 <br />birthday. <br /> <br />The original Town manager appointed committee included David Williams, Margo <br />Shaw, Chris Venier, Dorothy Boggia, Raymond Culler, Edward Donnelly, Seymour <br />Mandell, Natalie Masby, Lodia Parilla, Sheldon Spector, S. Lawrence Whipple and <br />William Wildes. <br /> <br />We have lost the following members of the committee. Margo Shaw moved to <br />Washington State, Chris Venier has never come to meetings, Roy Culler passed away, as <br />did Ed Donnelly, Seymour Mandell and I’m Not sure about Natalie Masby. Rev. <br />William Wildes has moved to Florida. Cornelius Cronin is now 103 years old, enough <br />said. New appointees are Marie Hill, Beverly Kelly, Dick Michelson. Serving next two <br />years after receiving Cane, Horace Besecher ’03 and ’04. Donald Graham ‘06,’07 and <br />this years winner ’07 &’08. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />