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FOR STATE P=';ITAR17 <br />The Corm-o-n-,�Tealtl-)- of Im-assachnisetts l,'liddlesex, ss, <br />I <br />To either of he Constables of tle Tot,r-,i of L--xi--,,Ivton. <br />,3w e e U -a <br />In the nay,,ie of the Co-f,,-�mon-,,.liealth 7o -a are here; 7r require•d <br />to notif"7 and -�,var-a the inhabitants of said to7,ivn 7,.rho are qual- <br />ified `U-0 vote in Pri-m-aries to -meet- in the Aloins School, East <br />:Le.7inzton (Precinct One), and- Cary,. Hall Le,--,inc-ton <br />Center (Precinct" T-�qo, Three and Four). <br />TUES.D.LY,, the SE77ENTEENTYE, DAY OF SEP-'LEl,,,l3-ER.V <br />i940 <br />at 8:00 olcloczv A. K. for the �ui,iposes: <br />To brin�--- in their votes to the 1'rinia--i-7 Officers for the <br />f07 7 0, <br />-ia'-' �' -�-es of Political for he �j <br />cisi o n c, f C an clia <br />n,--, ofL 'oes; <br />G' c -,,re rno r <br />for In -Is <br />-L-n o <br />T, !? <br />Seoretar- of the Co=mwealt-n <br />Treasure-,- and. Receiver-en--ral <br />,k - �., ,- <br />lI i t 0 r oI <br />- ' `- he C o= onwe a ltl' <br />11 si <br />Attorney 'Teneral <br />Seniat.{fir in Conl7ress <br />Re-cr,esenil-atllve in tConf7ress <br />nth Ccn cess c na I <br />District <br />Council 1 or <br />ri3Un Councillor <br />D i s t -,- i r-� t <br />Senator for <br />7th S e na t or I al <br />Dlistlrict <br />Three Re -c esentati-,,,,es in "e--rieral <br />Court 'or 7th K, dclll--se": Rep - <br />r e s e nt a ti, -7,T e ID i s t, r i c t- <br />1 � L, <br />llez�!,: 0, 001-Ir's <br />I I �j U <br />for I f'�ff'esex Co-anty <br />Rei s t e r of Deeds s <br />f or 7 t h 1T? d d I e s e- x D ii s t r - i t <br />Two Cou,-n-t-F7 Co=issioners <br />for C,0lJnt7 <br />V -I'll C AN CY <br />Countu-�7 Treasi7irer <br />for <br />J.d 7 eseX C0unt7 <br />for the Electiow of the follo-7�7i-n,7 officers <br />1--3 Y <br />13 Delec-�Da'L-Ies to the Stave Co--riventilon of t --he Frey-,j.blican Part� <br />4 Delegates to '11he State Convention of the Democratic Party <br />The -oolls -'oe- o-,oen from 8:00 c1clock A, to 8:00 <br />01310c,-", P. lb". <br />Eereof fa -ll not and ii, ake retlurn of tlhls warra-nt,,vilth 7,our <br />tlr�!--recn at, -151he brae ana 3Dlace 0--:, said meetinn*, <br />inn*® <br />�iven u-nder our hands this tl,-)ird_ (5ay of Se-otle-,dber A. D. <br />1940® <br />Archibald R. Giroul-I <br />',,-Tf77f3. -Po'ter <br />OF <br />TeoP <br />T 0, H, <br />ano 1, E -T <br />A. Edwa--,-d Ro7se <br />