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To either of the Constables of the Town of Lexington, in said <br />C ounty; Greeting: <br />In the name of the Commonwealth you are hereby required to <br />notify and warn the inhabitants of said town who are qualified to <br />vote in Elections to meet in <br />ADAMS SCHOOL, East Lexington ( Precinct 1) <br />CARY MEMORIAL BUILDING, Lexington Center (Precinct 2, Precinct <br />3, and Precinct 4) <br />on TtTESDAY, the EIGHTS day of NOVE';MER 1938, at eight of eloc3a. .M, <br />to cast their ballots for the following officers; <br />Governor; Lieutenant Governor; Secretary; Treasurer; Auditor; <br />Attorney General; Congressman; Councillor; Senator; Two Represent- <br />atives in General Court; District Attorney; County Commissioner; <br />Sheriff; One Clerk of Courts (to fill vacancy) . <br />And to take action on the following questions: <br />QUESTION NO. 1. <br />``! ` Vii! s 1 t l i i ;�'' 3 ` �• <br />Shall an amendment to the Constitution providing for biennial <br />sessions of the General Court and for a biennial budget which is <br />further described as Follows: -- <br />This amendment annuls all existing provisions of the Consti- <br />tution and its prior amendments which require annual sessions of <br />the General Court, commonly known as the`Legislature, and provides <br />for biennial sessions in their place. It also provides that the <br />budget of all proposed expenditures of the Commonwealth shall be <br />so prepared as to cover two fiscal years instead of only one as <br />at present required, - which proposed amendment was approved b7 <br />the General Court and in a joint session of the two <br />branches held May 27, 1936, received. 141 votes in the Yes <br />affirmative and 117 in the negative, and in a joint <br />session of the two branches held May 19, 1937, re N <br />ceived 158 votes in the affirmative and 112 in the <br />negative, - be approved? <br />QUESTION NO. 2. <br />