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ANNUAL TOWN MEETING <br />March 4, 1935 <br />In pursuance of the foregoing warrant the legal voters <br />of the Town of Lexington met in their respective voting <br />places in said Town on Monday, March the fourth in the year <br />of our Lord nineteen hundred and thirty -five at six o'clock <br />in the forenoon. <br />The following places were designated as the voting places <br />for the various precincts: Precinct One, Emerson Hall; <br />Precinct Two, Three and Four, Cary Memorial Hall. <br />The following election officers having been duly appointed <br />by the Selectmen, and Wardens of the various precincts were <br />assigned for duty as follows: <br />Precinct <br />Warden <br />_ Two <br />Charles J. Dailey <br />Warden <br />Irving B. Pierce <br />Mrs. Mary A. Rowland Deputy Warden <br />Victor Harmon <br />Bartlett J. Harrington Inspector <br />George V. Morse <br />DeTrafford Smith <br />Inspector <br />Randall Richards <br />Alfred Hayward <br />Deputy Inspector <br />Elizabeth Nourse <br />Donald Cameron <br />Deputy Inspector <br />Madeline J. Corbett <br />Mabelle S. Peavy <br />Clerk <br />John H. Dacey <br />Hu ghes <br />A ` <br />Deputy <br />-• • s <br />Frances La mbert <br />- <br />. <br />Fros <br />Harold H. Ma cGilvray T e ll er <br />Clifford W Pie <br />Miles L.F. Jones <br />Teller <br />Edward McGrory <br />G eorge .. <br />Teller <br />r <br />Precinct Three Precinct Four <br />Frederick H. Tullar <br />Warden <br />Howard E. Custance <br />Bessie G. Davis <br />Deputy Warden <br />William E. Mulliken <br />James M. Ahearn <br />Inspector <br />Warren Haynes <br />Charles E. Moloy, Jr. <br />Inspector <br />Katherine Keirnan <br />Emma Hovey <br />Deputy Inspector <br />Daniel A. Gorman, Jr. <br />John Corcoran <br />Deputy Inspector <br />Frank Maguire <br />James L. McKenzie <br />Clerk <br />Margaret T. Kennedy <br />Samuel W. Wellington <br />Deputy Clerk <br />Joseph A. Cosgrove <br />Esther <br />Teller <br />James J. � <br />John J. McCormick <br />Teller <br />Robert C. Cady <br />Edward B. OtConnor <br />Teller <br />Harry F. Howard <br />James E. Collins <br />Teller <br />Irene Robinson <br />The polls were declared open in each precinct at six <br />o'clock A.M. and remained open until eight o'clock P.M., <br />after which time after due notice, they were closed. <br />The election officers were sworn to the faithfull <br />performance of their duties. <br />The ballots were counted by the election officers in <br />each - orecinct, the tally sheets and total vote sheets prepared <br />by the Town Clerk being used. _ <br />The total registration of voters in each precinct was <br />as follows: <br />lrecinct <br />One <br />i' <br />One <br />- hundred and three <br />Precinct <br />Two <br />1185 <br />One <br />thousand <br />one hundred and eighty-five <br />Precinct <br />Thr <br />O ne <br />thousand <br />two hundred and forty-two <br />Urecinct <br />Four <br />1227 <br />One <br />thousand <br />two hundred and twenty -sevel <br />To ta l <br />4959 <br />I <br />. thousand nine hundred and - <br />