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132 <br />Recount held December 15 for the off -ce of <br />Secretary of State <br />U - oroger ,,De'6i 'Lion of Frederic Vi. Cook a recount <br />%vas held December 15, 1934 of tree e votes cast on November <br />6, 193:4 for 'the office of Secretary held in SSellectr. <br />Room, mL.o Office Building. <br />The tellers were sworn to the faithful <br />- performance of their duties for said recount: <br />Irving B. Pierce <br />E T. BucI-� <br />Frederick J. Lowe <br />Ho E. Custance <br />James L. �IcHenzie <br />Samuel 'Wellington <br />Richard E. Truesdell <br />Bartlett J. Harrington <br />and the result of the canvass by the Board of Registrars <br />C_- <br />was as follows : <br />Secretary <br />'?rec. 1 Prec. 2 Prec. 3 Prec. 4 Total <br />,Alalter <br />Burke <br />4 <br />0 <br />2 <br />6 <br />12 <br />Frederic <br />VV. Cook <br />374 <br />791 <br />" 5 3 <br />652 <br />28`70 <br />George <br />L. Ivicr-'-lynn <br />6 <br />3 <br />4 <br />3 <br />76 <br />Leslie <br />A. Richards <br />17 <br />14 <br />8 <br />11 <br />50 <br />Josei <br />Santosuosso <br />355 <br />194 <br />all <br />301 <br />1 161 <br />W i l l iam B . Tag f or <br />4 <br />2 <br />1 <br />4 <br />11 <br />Blanks <br />60 <br />31 <br />is <br />411 <br />150 <br />Totals <br />1120 <br />1035 <br />1097 <br />1018 <br />4270 <br />T�v'aiter Burke gained two (2) <br />I-D <br />Frederic IN. C6ok lost two (2) <br />G eorge L. Tv lost one 1) <br />Leslie A. Richal-ds lost thirteen (13) <br />Jose Santosuosso -aineo. fourteen (14 <br />'ffilliam B. Taylor lost one 1) <br />Blanks gained one (1) <br />A true record, <br />Attest <br />T o w;ri 1 e r1-: <br />