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�I <br />Recount held November 17, 1934 for the Office of <br />Governor's Council <br />Upon proper petition Of Eugene A. F. Burtnett a <br />I CD <br />recount was held November 17, 1934 of the votes cast on <br />November 6, 1934 for the office of Governor's Council <br />held in Selectmen's Room, Town Office Building. <br />The following tellers were sworn to the faithful <br />performance of their duties for said recount: <br />Irving B. Pierce <br />Eugene T. Buckley <br />Frederick J. Lowe <br />Howard E. Custance <br />James L. fl <br />Samuel Wellington <br />ngton <br />Richard E. Truesdell <br />Bartlett J. Harrington <br />and the result of the canvass by the Board of Registrars <br />was as follows: <br />A true record.. <br />Prec. 4 Total <br />326 <br />Governor's <br />Council <br />2675 <br />76 <br />Prec. <br />1. Prec. <br />2. Prec. 3. <br />James J. Brennan 362 <br />236 <br />320 <br />Eugene A.F. <br />Burtnett 630 <br />7`%5 <br />704 <br />Blanks <br />128 <br />73 <br />1120 <br />1035 <br />1097 <br />James <br />J. Brennan gained <br />three. <br />Eugene <br />A. F. Burtnett remained the <br />same. <br />Blanks <br />lost three. <br />A true record.. <br />Prec. 4 Total <br />326 <br />1244 <br />616 <br />2675 <br />76 <br />351 <br />1018 <br />4270 <br />Attest: � �� <br />i�n <br />