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THE COTsIM0hTUEALTH OF T,IASSAC- TUSETTS <br />Middlesex, ss. <br />To either of the Constables of the Town of Lexington, Greeting: <br />In the name of the Commonwealth you are hereby required to <br />notify and warn the inhabitants of said town who are qualified <br />to vote in Primaries to meet in Emerson Hall, Precinct One; Cary <br />Memorial Hall, Precinct Two, Three and Four on <br />Tuesday, the Twenty- fourth day of April, 1934. <br />at four o'clock P.M., for the following purposes: <br />To bring in their votes to the Primary Officers for the <br />ELECTION of Candidates of Political Parties for the following offices: <br />DISTRICT MEMBER OF STATE COMT"IITTEE <br />for each political party for the Seventh Middlesex <br />Senatorial District. <br />MEMBERS OF THE DET:�OCRATIC TO� COMT <br />MEMBERS OF THE REPUBLICAN TOU-fN COMT!TITTEE. <br />DELEGATES TO STATE CONVENTION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. <br />DELEGATES TO STATE CONVEIUION OF THE.REPUBLICAN PAR7Lf. <br />All the above candidates are to be voted for upon one ballot. <br />The polls will be open from four o'clock P.M. to eight o'clock <br />P .1v1. And you are directed to serve this warrant by posting attested <br />copies thereof seven days at least before the time of said meeting <br />as directed by vote of the town. <br />Hereof fail not and make return of this Warrant with your <br />doings thereon at the time and place of said meeting. <br />Given under our hands this tenth da; of April, A.D., 1934. <br />Robert P. Trask) <br />John E. Gilcreast) SELECTMEN <br />Charles E. Ferguson) OF <br />Daniel J. O'Connell) LEXINGTON <br />John A. Lyons) <br />April 16, 1934. <br />To the Town. Clerk, <br />I have notified the inhabitants of Lexington bT- posting <br />printed copies of the foregoing !Warrant in the Post Office, in <br />the vestibule of the Town Office Building and six other public <br />places in the Town, and by mailing a printed copy of the same <br />to every registered voter in the Town 8 days before the time <br />of said meeting. <br />Patrick J. T�Taguire <br />Constable of Lexington <br />