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VARRANT FOR STATE ELECTION <br />COM VF'ALTR OF MASSACHUSETTS MIDDLESEX, SS. <br />To either of the Constables of the Town of Lexington, in said <br />County, <br />GREETING: <br />In the name of the Commonwealth you are hereby required <br />to notify and warn the inhabitants of said town who are qualified <br />to vote in Elections to meet in <br />E7,1ERSON HALL, STONE BUILDING, East Lexington, (Precinct One) <br />CARY MEMORIAL BUILDING, Lexington Centre, (Precinct Two, <br />Precinct Three and Precinct Four) <br />on TUESDAY, the SIXTH day of NOVEIJBER, 1934 at sever o'clock A.M. <br />to cat their ballots for the following officers: <br />Governor; Lieutenant Governor; Secretary; Treasurer; Auditor; <br />Attorney General; Senator in Congress; Representative in Congress; <br />Councillor; Senator; Representatives in General Court; District <br />Attorney; Clerk of Courts; Register of Deeds; County Commissioner, <br />Two Associate County Commissioners; Sheriff (to fill vacancy) <br />And to take action on the following questions: <br />Question N6. 1. <br />Law Submitted Upon Referendum Petition. <br />Shall a law described as follows: <br />This law amends Gneral Laws, Chanter 131, as ?previously <br />amended, by repealing section 105A the -eof and adding thereto <br />three new sections, 105B, 105C and 114A. <br />Section 105B provides that whoever uses anv trap or other <br />device for capture of fur bearing animals, which is not designed <br />to kill such animal at once or to take it Lmhurt and which is <br />likely to cause continued suffering to an animal caught therein, <br />shall be fined fifty dollars, but traps or other devices for <br />protection of property, set not more than fifty yeards from <br />any building, cultivated plot, or enclosures used for rearing <br />poultry or game birds, to the use of which the presence of <br />vermin may be detrimental, are excluded from the application <br />of this section. <br />s <br />Section 1050 provides for the submission to the voters <br />at a municipal election in any city or town upon petition, <br />of the question of whether the operation of section 105B <br />shall be suspended or if it has been already suspended, of <br />the question whether it shall again be operative in such city <br />or town. <br />Section 114A provides that the Commissioner of Cor_serva- <br />tion may suspend the operation of section 105B for a period <br />not exceeding thirty days within any specified territory under <br />the control of this department <br />