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SPECIAL TOWN ELECTION. <br />DECEMBER 22, 1933. <br />In - oursuance of the foregoing warrant the lecal voters of the <br />Town of Lexington met in their respective vo'uin7 places in said <br />Town on Friday, December the twenty-second in the year of our Lord <br />nineteen hundred thirty-three at three o'clock in the afternoon. <br />The followina- places were desf- as the votin,­_ places <br />for the various precincts; Precinct One, Emerson Hall-, Precinct Two, <br />Three and. Four, Cary Idemorial Hall; <br />The following election officers having been duly appointed <br />CD - k <br />by the Selectmen, and Wardens of the various precincts were assigned <br />for duty as follows: <br />PRECINCT O:TE <br />Charley J. Dailey <br />Mrs. 1 A. Rowland <br />Bartlett J. Harrington <br />George E. Foster <br />Alfred Ha , <br />Donald Cameron <br />Roland E. Garraon <br />Arthur Hughes <br />Irving B. Pierce <br />Ezra F. Breed <br />Victor Harmon <br />Randall Richards <br />George V. Morse <br />Madeline J. Corbett <br />John H. 7 <br />Frederick Connor <br />Frederick Tullar <br />Bessie G. Davis <br />James M. Ahearn <br />Katherine Vaughan <br />Emma Hovey <br />Esther Graham <br />James L. McKenzie <br />Samuel 'V - - VVellin7,_,tcn <br />Howard Cust <br />li'Villiam E. T-. <br />Harry Frost <br />Katherine Tiernan <br />gene Robinson <br />Frank Maguire <br />1t1argaret T. Kennedy <br />C__ <br />PRECINCT TWO <br />Warden <br />Deputy Warden <br />Inspector <br />Ins <br />Deputy ins <br />Delcutv, Inspector <br />Clerk <br />Deputy Clerk <br />Warden <br />Deputy Warden <br />In , spector <br />Inspector <br />Deputy Inspector <br />Deputy Inspector <br />Clerk <br />De out- Clerk <br />PRECINCT THREE <br />PRECINCT FOUR <br />Warden <br />Deputy <br />Warden <br />Inspector <br />Inspector <br />Deput-,T <br />Inspector <br />Deputy_ <br />Inspector <br />Clerk <br />De <br />I <br />Clerk <br />Vlarden <br />Deputy Warden <br />Inspector <br />Inspector <br />1j5e Ins <br />Clerk <br />Deputy Clerk <br />The polls were declared open in each precinct at three O'clock <br />and remained open until e-L---ht 0 1 -clock P.11., after which time <br />after due notice, they vTere clos <br />The election officers were sworn to the faiti performance <br />of their duties. <br />