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r.1 TA-M-VITIT <br />Comynomwealth of Massachusetts, Ti aalesex, ss <br />To either of the Constables of the Tom- of Lexington, in said- <br />County, Greeting: <br />In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you. are <br />directed to notify the inhabitants of the Town of Lexington, <br />qualifiea to vote in elections ana in town affairs, to meet in <br />their respective voting places in said toum-, <br />(FRECIITCT ONE MMRSOLT HALL: PRECINCT TWO, THR= -Aff.D FOUR, CI_R-Y <br />= HALL) , OIT TUESDAY, THE THITRTEEITITH DAY OF JUNE, A. D., at <br />two o'clock F. MI., for the following purposes: <br />To bring in their votes to the Election Officers for the <br />"Section 2. The transportation or importation into any State, <br />Territory, or possession of the United States for delivery or <br />use there Of intoxicating liquors, in violation of the laws <br />thereof, is hereby prohibited.Tl <br />11 The polls - will be open from two o' clock 2- 11. until eight <br />o'clock P. H. <br />And you are airectea to serve this Warrant seven days at <br />least before the time 01 said meeting as proviaea in the By-laws <br />of the Town. <br />Hereof, fail - not, P make due return of this Warrant, with <br />your aoings thereon, to the Tom Clerk, or or before the time of <br />saicl Meeting. <br />Given unaer our hands, a t Lekington this twenty-ninth dap <br />Of Id A. D. 1933. <br />A true copy, attest; <br />Patrick J. Maguire <br />Constable of Te�-Ir!� ton <br />"Robert I Trask <br />Charles E. Ferguson <br />John E. Gilerenst <br />Daniel J. O'Connell <br />John- A. I'Yors <br />Constable's Return. <br />To The Town Clerk <br />S E C T I <br />LEZINIGTOTT <br />June 6,1933. <br />I have notified the inhabitants of Lexington by - posting <br />printed co of the foregoing _Vvarrant in the Post t Office, in the <br />the vestibule of the Town Office Building and six other public <br />places in the Town and by mailing a printed copy of the same to <br />every registered voter in the Town seven days before the time of <br />said meeting. <br />Attest; Patrick J Ma guire <br />Constable of Lexington <br />