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The Registrars of Voters and the Ton Clerk canvassed <br />the results as follows <br />Precinct O <br />One 1 <br />1*339 <br />Precinct T <br />Two l <br />l..245 <br />Precinct T <br />Three l <br />ls,315 <br />Precinct F <br />Four 1 <br />1 <br />Precinct F <br />Five • <br />•0 <br />Total 7,981 (Seven * - <br />QUESTION NUMBER OITE <br />Sl,iall the Town vote to approve <br />whereby town meeting - amend •, <br />adding under Rli-Subsidized Housing Districts a district on the <br />easterly side of Bedford Street described substantially as follows: <br />Southwesterly by Bedford street 4 0,08 <br />Northwesterly by <br />Southwppterly by - of y Rice 125 feet; <br />Northwesterly by <br />Southwesterly by : w of Savage and others 303.20 feet; <br />Northwesterly by land of Stickle <br />• - by • of Riley 15 <br />Easterly by land of B and M Railroad 577,60 100u; <br />Southeasterly by of b > Company <br />Southwesterly • of Balazy and and <br />Southeasterly d of <br />"' <br />It Pr. 5 Totals <br />