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Mm <br />(WARRANT FOR SPECIAL.REFERENDUM -- See Warrant Book) <br />SPECIAL REFERENDUM <br />UNDER <br />AMEND ZONING BY-LAW BY ADDINGARH-SUBSIDIZED HOUSING <br />DISTRICTS A DISTRICT ON THE EASTERLY SIDE OF <br />BEDFORD STREET. <br />MAY 3, 1971 <br />In pursuance of the foregoing warrant the legal voters of the <br />Town of Lexington met in their respective voting places in said Town <br />of Lexington on Monday, May the Third in the year of our Lord <br />nineteen hundred and seventy-one at 7:00 in the forenoon. <br />Randall W, Richards <br />Edna R. Anderson <br />Marjorie Modoono <br />Dolores M. Swan <br />Mary C, Casey <br />Precinct Five <br />Joseph 0. Rooney <br />Helen L, Perry <br />Alice Lillian Osgoo <br />Mary F, Irwin <br />Margaret S. Wilson <br />Precinct Two <br />Warden Il♦a J, Field <br />Clerk Agnes Heimlich <br />Inspector Henry P. Meade <br />Inspector Alice G, Marshall <br />Inspector Ida B, Fisk <br />Warden <br />Michael <br />Lovezolla <br />Clerk <br />Mary G. <br />Oliver <br />Inspector <br />Mary F, <br />McCauley <br />Inspector <br />Edna F, Marshall <br />Inspector <br />Rose J, <br />Grant <br />Precinct Six <br />Warden Mary J. Ferry <br />Clerk Elizabeth F. Downey <br />Inspector Sally S. Hooper <br />Inspector Mary V Spencer <br />Inspector Helen G. Garten <br />The polls were declared open in each precinct at seven o <br />remained open until eight otclock P. M... after which time, <br />after due notice, they were closed. <br />The election officers were sworn to the faithful performance <br />of their du <br />The total nmber of registered voters in each precinct as follows: <br />Precinct <br />One <br />2.,850 <br />Precinct <br />Two <br />2 <br />Precinct <br />Three <br />2 2401 <br />Precinct <br />Four <br />2 07 2 <br />Precinct <br />Five <br />22713 <br />Precinct <br />Six <br />9 <br />(Twenty-eight hundred, <br />fifty) <br />(Twenty-five hundred <br />twenty-two) <br />(Twenty-four hundred, <br />one) <br />(Twenty-three hundred, <br />seventy-two) <br />(Twenty-seven hundred <br />thirteen) <br />(Twenty-four hundred, <br />fifty-nine) <br />Total 15,317 (Fifteen thousand., three hundred seventeen) <br />Reconciliation sheets were delivered to the Town Clerk at her <br />office. <br />