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(WARRANT FOR ANNUAL TOWN MEETING - See Warrant Book) <br />ANNUAL 1 <br />The following election officers having been duly appointed <br />by the Selectmen, and Wardens of various precincts .: R <br />i - duty follows: <br />One Precinct TO <br />i <br />Precinct <br />Precinct Three <br />2P764 <br />Precinct Four <br />Randall <br />W. Richards <br />Warden <br />Michael. <br />Lovezzola <br />Edna R <br />Anderson <br />Clerk <br />Mary Go <br />Oliver <br />Marjorie <br />Modoono <br />Inspector <br />Mary G <br />McCauley <br />Dolores <br />M. Swan <br />Inspector <br />Edna F <br />Marshall <br />Helen Co <br />Rooney <br />Inspector <br />Rase J <br />Grant <br />Precinct Five <br />Precinct Six <br />i <br />Precinct <br />One <br />2P764 <br />(Twenty-seven hundred, <br />sixty,.four) <br />Precinct <br />Precinct <br />(Nine <br />Precinct <br />Three <br />2 <br />(Twenty-Varee hundred, <br />966 <br />P <br />i <br />sixty-six) <br />h un dred,, seventy-two - <br />Precinct <br />Five <br />2 <br />(Twenty-five hundred., <br />ninety-one ) <br />Precinct <br />Six <br />. 416 <br />_ <br />(Twenty-four hundred,, <br />sixteen <br />Precinct <br />one <br />999 <br />(Nine <br />hundred <br />ninety-nine) <br />Precinct <br />(Nine <br />h undred <br />Precinct <br />Three <br />966 <br />(Nine <br />hundred <br />sixty-six) <br />Precinct <br />Four <br />9t' <br />i - in i <br />7 <br />(Eleven hundred fifty-seven) <br />Precinct <br />98 <br />hundred <br />eighty-two) <br />Total 5,997 (Five thousand., nine hundred ninety-seven',' <br />