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14 PA <br />in pursuance of the foregoing warrant the legal voters of the <br />Town of Lexington met in their respective voting places in said <br />Town of Lexington on Monday, March the Sixth in the year of our <br />Lord nineteen hundred and seventy-two at 7:00 in the forenoon. <br />The following places were designated as the voting places for <br />the various precincts: Precinct Onep Harrington School; Precinct <br />Two, Adams School; Precinct Three, Cary Memorial Hall; Precinct <br />Four, High School; Precinct Five, Central Fire Station; Precinct <br />six, Maria Hastings School. <br />Precinct Three <br />Precinct Four <br />Randall W. Richards <br />Warden <br />Edna F. Marshall <br />Edna D. Anderson <br />Clerk <br />Mary G. Oliver <br />Marjorie Modoono <br />Inspector <br />Mary G. McCauley <br />Dolores M. Swan <br />Inspector <br />Rose J. Grant <br />Winifred E. Ivester, <br />Inspector <br />Helen C. Rooney <br />Precinct Five <br />Precinct Six <br />Helen L. Perry <br />Warden <br />Mary J. Ferry <br />Alice L. Osgood <br />Clerk <br />Elizabeth F. Downey <br />Mary F. Irwin <br />Inspector <br />Sally S. Hooper <br />Margaret S. Wilson <br />Inspector <br />Florence M. Downe <br />Mary C. Casey <br />Inspector, <br />Mary V. Spencer <br />The polls were declared <br />open in each precinct at seven o'clock <br />A. M. and remained open until <br />eight o'clock <br />P. M., at which time, <br />after due notice, they were <br />closed. <br />The election officers were <br />sworn to the <br />faithful performance of <br />their duties. <br />The total number of registered <br />voters in <br />each precinct as follows: <br />Precinct Independents <br />Republican <br />Democrats Totals, <br />One 1,290 <br />638 <br />1,225 3,,153 <br />Two 1,174 <br />626 <br />965 2,765 <br />Three 978 <br />944 <br />6 <br />76 2,682 <br />Four 1,005 <br />791 <br />888 2,684 <br />Five 1,094 <br />915 <br />992 3,001 <br />Six 1,156 <br />753 <br />818 2,727 <br />Totals 6,697 <br />4,667 <br />5,648 17,012 <br />Reconciliation sheets were delivered to the Town Clerk at her <br />, * , f f ice. <br />0 <br />