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4V (WARRANT` FOR ANNUAL TOWN ELECTION - SEE WARRANT FILE <br />ANNUAL TOWN ELECTION - MARCH 3, 1986 <br />In pursuance of the fore warrant the le voters of the Town of Lex- <br />in met in their respective votin places in said Town of Lexin on Monda <br />March 3, 1986 at 7:00 in the forenoon. <br />The followin places were desi as the votin places for the various <br />precincts: Precinct One Harrin School Precinct Two, Bowman School <br />Precinct Three, Jonas Clarke Junior Hi School Precinct Four, Senior Hi <br />School Precinct Five, Car Memorial Buildin Precinct Six, William Diamond <br />Junior Hi School Precinct Seven, Estab-r6 Precinct Ei Fire <br />Head Buildin Precinct Nine, Maria 'Hastin School. <br />The election off and Wardens of the various preci were assi <br />for dut as follows: <br />Precinct One Precient Two <br />D Eileen J. <br />Fradette <br />Warden <br />D Ann M. Pace <br />R Elinor M. <br />Vassallo <br />Clerk <br />R A. Estelle Szalajeski <br />D 'Mar <br />S. Blouin <br />Inspector <br />D Donna A.1exson <br />R Vir <br />M. Warner <br />Inspector <br />R Doroth P. Gauthier <br />D Mar Modoono . <br />R Winifred F. Hubbard <br />D Mar A. Cronin <br />R Jac S. Bowersock <br />Warden D Gulli I. Kula <br />Clerk R Elliott J. Barrett. <br />Inspector D Priscilla H. Winter <br />Inspector R Helen E. MacDonald <br />D Gloria J. Bresnihan <br />R Winifred E. Ivester <br />D Ellen B. O'Connell <br />R Richard F. Crawford <br />D Ann M. Baum <br />R Doroth 0. Jones <br />D Mar G. Faulkin <br />R Doris E. Barcla <br />Warden <br />D <br />Elizabeth H. Clarke <br />Clerk <br />R <br />Evel M. Belbin <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Alice A. Coletta <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Rachel M. Hi <br />Precinct Ei <br />Warden <br />D <br />Cornelius P. Cronin <br />Clerk <br />R <br />Mildred M. Cronin <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Leonard N. Jones <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Stella Helen Laurendeau <br />D Mar C. Joseph Warden <br />R Caroline F. Delour Clerk <br />D Ann C. Golini Inspector <br />R Carole Sandra Scalise Inspector <br />The election officers were sworn. to the faithful performance of their duties. <br />The polls were declared open in each precinct at seven o'clock A.M. and <br />remained open until ei o'clock P.M., at which time, after due notice, the <br />were declared closed. <br />The total number of re vo in each precinct eli to vote as <br />of Februar 11, 1986 as follows: <br />PRECINCT TOTALS DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN UNENROLLED <br />1 2,052 1,1121 381 550 <br />2 2. 538 <br />,063 1,189 336 <br />3 2.9074 992 383 699 <br />4 2,237 1,145 483 609 <br />5 2,1253 1,105 414 734 <br />6 2,160 1,044 541 575 <br />7 2,235 1,142 444 649 <br />8 1,885 857 411 617 <br />9 2,208 1,017 463 728 <br />TOTALS 19,167 9,612 3,856 5,699 <br />