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Town Election <br />March 4.2OO2 7 <br />In pursuance of the foregoing warrant the legal voters of the Town of Lexington met in <br />their respective voting places r� places � � <br />� i� e�T��n qfxi� <br />Lexington on Monday, March 4, 2002 at <br />7:ODa.Mm. <br />The following places were desi as the voting places for the various ' 'ncts: <br />Precinct ��' Harrington School; Precinct Two, Bowman School; Precinct Thr Jonas <br />Clarke Middle School; Precinct Four, Bridge School; Precinct Five Fiske School; <br />Precinct Six, William Diamond Middle School; Precinct Seven, Joseph Estabrook <br />School; Precinct B Central ght. �Mtn�| Fine Stat Precinct Nine, Maria Hastings S chool <br />The election officers and Wardens Offhe various 'OC�� VV�[� assigned for <br />duty asfollows: <br />' ~ <br />Precinct One <br />Precinct Two <br />R <br />Robert N Foster <br />Warden <br />D <br />Gerald <br />D <br />K8arQo�dB|ou|n <br />Clerk <br />U8] <br />Don�hyBo' baonnFeQan <br />O <br />RobertB|ouin <br />Inspector <br />D <br />DonnoA|exoon <br />O <br />JoonnetteCaruUi <br />D <br />Arline Burns (4K8) <br />U <br />Margaret Kelly (AyW) <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Robert Edwards <br />U <br />Doris Pemberton <br />Inspector <br />O <br />Leonora Feeney (PKA} <br />U <br />Richard Pemberton <br />Inspector <br />O <br />|eon�� oA|du (PM) ' <br />B K8 <br />U <br />B Sampson <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Marjorie 'oria K8cNioho -- <br />D <br />VV <br />Bernice Weiss (AM) <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Cliff Pehroon <br />Precinct Three <br />Precinct Four <br />D <br />/magonexx0000no <br />Warden <br />[J <br />GuU|Ku|e <br />U <br />Alice Hopkins <br />Clerk <br />R <br />Richard [:navvhonJ <br />[} <br />K8moribBazzoz <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Robert Bennett <br />D <br />Rita Casey <br />Inspector <br />U <br />[)ohmBorhotnoeoer <br />U <br />Faith Fenake <br />Inspector <br />D <br />L Gail Colwell (AK8) <br />U <br />Marcia Flint <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Mary Devoe ` ' <br />O <br />M. E|inorGnaonwoy <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Elizabeth Fleming (AK <br />D <br />Elizabeth McLaughlin <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Raymond Flynn (AK8} <br />D <br />Robert Tracey <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Marilyn Ford ` ' <br />Inspector <br />[) <br />Elizabeth Patrician (AM) <br />Inspector <br />R <br />DanoRe0iUo <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Eleanor Smith <br />Precinct Five <br />Precinct Six <br />D <br />Eric Kula <br />Warden <br />R <br />''` Ca s e y/ Ha rriett -" � - yWorrioon <br />U <br />Grace Ayers <br />Clerk <br />U/U <br />Mary <br />R <br />Hazel Allison <br />Inspector <br />R <br />8h|r|a/Bul (PK8\ <br />D <br />HenryBeern�on <br />Inspector <br />U <br />AUmF^dus ` ' <br />[} <br />Helen Cnavin (AM) <br />Inspector <br />O <br />Hazel Graham <br />R <br />Marilyn Ford <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Carolyn Murphy <br />R <br />Dorothy Gauthier <br />D <br />Catherine Rego <br />R <br />Nicholas Hay (AK8) <br />Inspector <br />R <br />William Simmons <br />U <br />Ro|phK8cDovveU <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Barbara Simmons <br />D <br />Priscilla Winter <br />Inspector <br />Precinct Seven <br />Precinct E�qh <br />D <br />Ephraim Weiss <br />Warden <br />U <br />Leo <br />U <br />Bernioa��e,hg <br />Clerk <br />-U <br />Judith Ch <br />n <br />U <br />Beverly Aker <br />Inspector <br />U <br />"- <br />Clai Abe <br />D <br />K8aryAvxozion <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Doris o Barclay <br />D <br />Maureen Brown <br />Inspector <br />R <br />BinorB be� ud <br />D <br />Mildred Colb <br />ha�o <br />Inspector <br />U <br />- <br />(�K�) <br />Rita Ceos---r' <br />D <br />F�obed��raenvxay <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Amn <br />Di ` ' <br />U <br />Sylvia Hanou|e(AM) <br />(AM) <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Franci Edwards <br />D <br />EdnoHoU onan <br />|nopaotor <br />U <br />��nneth - <br />Mac W i lliams <br />U <br />Audrey Hoofoxd (PM ) <br />|nopootor <br />D <br />G�org� 4dCo <br />Inspector <br />O <br />BorbenmPernJtte <br />Precinct Nine <br />U <br />uax/u Kanter <br />Warden <br />RUU <br />Carole Sce|ima/C|oMhGohu|er <br />Clerk <br />U <br />Carole Butler <br />Inspector <br />O <br />Edith Paster (PM) <br />F7 <br />Shirley Knox <br />Inspector <br />D <br />F�obodF{yan' ' <br />R <br />Janet Lowther <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Judith Schuler <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Anne Taylor (AK8) <br />The election <br />officers were sworn to the faithful performance Pf their duties. <br />The polls were declared open in each <br />precinct at seven o'c|ock/\.K0. and remained open <br />Until eight O'clock P.&4. at which ti0Oe, <br />after due nodice, <br />the polls were declared closed. <br />