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1 <br />'WARRANT FOR STATE PRIMARY - See Warrant Book) <br />In pursuance foregoing of the warrant legal <br />Town M;. Lexington respective <br />Town of'Lexington on Tuesday September 1,5, 1970 at 7:00 in the <br />w . <br />R - Michael <br />M ary Cli fford <br />,, a <br />4e <br />_ •, F <br />t j, j d <br />Warden <br />R <br />- Edna R, Anderson <br />Clark <br />R <br />R <br />- Harold W, Josephson <br />Inspector <br />Alice Go Marsha <br />D <br />- Eileen J, Fradette <br />Inspector <br />D <br />- Henry P. Meade <br />DMagner <br />Mildred M. o <br />Inspector <br />Two <br />a; Casey <br />1, <br />2, <br />Precinct <br />Three <br />w . <br />R - Michael <br />Precinct Three <br />Mary <br />Go <br />Randall Riehards <br />Warden <br />R <br />- Edna R, Anderson <br />Clark <br />R <br />Dolores <br />.' <br />or <br />R'- Margaret So Wilson <br />4, Deloury <br />D <br />- Helen C, Rooney <br />Inspect <br />Alice Osgood <br />Inspector <br /># <br />Mildred M. o <br />Precinct <br />Two <br />w . <br />R - Michael <br />Lovezzola <br />Mary <br />Go <br />Oliver <br />R - Mary <br />Go <br />McCauley <br />D Edna <br />F, <br />Marshall <br />4' Rose <br />or <br />R'- Margaret So Wilson <br />4, Deloury <br />Precinct Six <br />The <br />totes <br />number of.- registered voters <br />Mary <br />P <br />Elizabeth <br />4i y F. Irwin <br />Inspector <br />R <br />- Sally S Hoo <br />or <br />R'- Margaret So Wilson <br />Inspector <br />R <br />- Florence M, <br />Bowne <br />Alice Osgood <br />Inspector <br /># <br />Mildred M. o <br />B, <br />Two <br />1, <br />The <br />totes <br />number of.- registered voters <br />in each precinct as <br />follows*- <br />Republicans <br />D oc is <br />Independents <br />Totals <br />Precinct <br />One <br />654 <br />1, <br />i s ali <br />20869 <br />Precinct <br />Two <br />1, <br />2, <br />Precinct <br />Three <br />921 <br />695 <br />772 <br />Precinct <br />Four <br />799 <br />9 <br />2 *367 <br />Precinct <br />Five <br />917 <br />898 <br />2 <br />Precinct <br />Si, <br />Totals <br />4v717 <br />5,9 <br />5,v 5O5 <br />159350 <br />Reconciliation - of were <br />l.iv r to the Town Clerk at <br />her office. <br />