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(Warrant for Special Election - See Warrant Book) <br />SPECIAL REFERE <br />TI ONS TO • THE T014N O <br />w arrant , CE BUILDING <br />In pursuance of the foregoing vo ters <br />Town of Lexington met in their respective voting places in said Town of <br />L exington Mod r ril the twenty-seventh in the year of our Lo <br />ninet d seventy at seven o' in r . , <br />The following e various p laces Prec e Harrington Schoo <br />* , Adams School; Precinct Three Cary Me morial <br />Senior High ro_ <br />School Six,, Maria Hastings <br />f ollowing The b aenduly <br />the S electmen , and Wardens of the i <br />for duty as • <br />Precinct One Precinct Two <br />Ran Precinct Three <br />„ <br />Edna R. Anderson <br />Marj orie s <br />D o l ores s� !: S <br />Precinct Five <br />Precinct Fou <br />Warden Michael. Lovezzola <br />Clerk Mary G. Oliver <br />Inspector Mary G. McCauley <br />I nspector Edna F. Marshall, <br />Precinct Six <br />The polls were declared open ct at seven o a.m. <br />♦ remained o pen until eight o <br />due n <br />The election officers were sworn to the faithful performance <br />of their duties. <br />The total number of registered voters in each precinct as <br />follows <br />Precinct <br />On e <br />600 <br />Precinct <br />Two <br />2.,4 <br />Precinct <br />Thr <br />604 <br />Precinct <br />Four <br />2..290 <br />P recinct <br />z • <br />Precinct <br />Six <br />_2�1� <br />Total 14, (Fourteen thousand nine hundred twelve) <br />The registrars of Voters and the Town Clerk canvassed the <br />result as follows.- <br />Precinct <br />One <br />600 <br />Precinct <br />Two <br />513 <br />Precinct <br />Three <br />604 <br />Precinct <br />Four <br />9 <br />Precinct <br />Five <br />709 <br />Precinct <br />Six <br />568 <br />T otal 6 <br />